• First human case of West Nile virus for 2012 confirmed in Weld County

    WELD COUNTY — Public health officials have confirmed that a 25-year-old woman is the first human case of West Nile virus of the year in Weld County.

    A release from the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment said the woman was diagnosed with fever stemming from West Nile after developing symptoms in late July. She is recovering at home and was not hospitalized.

  • Nature can be as close as the backyard

    In the spring, love blossoms. New enthusiasm for life emerges all around us. There is no greater evidence of spring’s impact on life than what we see in nature. Birds pair and nest, wildlife gives birth to new life, trees shrubs, flowers and landscape come alive with green and an assortment of beautiful colors.

  • The art of growing onions from seed

    Courtesy of the CSU Extension Office in Adams County

    Home gardeners can plant long-day onion varieties with great success in almost any region of Colorado. The length of the growing season is the only limiting factor.

  • Ties and socks? How about a day on the river for Christmas?

         If you have an outdoors type on your Christmas list, this is the year to be creative.  Avoid the tie, socks or shirt and consider wrapping the gift that is more creative, out of the ordinary and will excite the sportsman. Let me suggest a guided day on the stream, in the goose blind or canoeing one of our scenic rivers.

  • Too much snow, too little rain – what a year for weather

    There was no consistency in the nation’s weather this year. Droughts scarred much of Texas, other Southwestern states and some Midwest areas. Other regions suffered damaging floods. Contrast this with the unusually abundant snow pack in the Rocky Mountain chain through Colorado north to the Canadian prairie providences of Alberta and Saskatchewan, the two primary wetlands regions Colorado Central Flyway waterfowl nest in each spring.

  • Bald eagle pair nesting at Barr Lake

    BRIGHTON – Once again, the nesting pair of bald eagles at Barr Lake State Park have begun the incubation period of future eaglets. If all goes well, the eaglets should hatch around mid-April.

  • Hunters: Give up your Hides

    If you hunt elk or deer consider extending the positive hunting experience by supporting the local Elks lodge's Veterans Leather Program. “This valuable program established in 1948 has benefited tens of thousands of war veterans who have served our nation,” reported Colorado State Veterans' Leather Chairman and Brighton Elks member, Jim Vincent.

  • Conditions aligning for pheasant, duck seasons

    The water fowler and the pheasant-hunting crowd have promising hunting days ahead. The USFWS, Ducks Unlimited and Division of Wildlife agree on the optimism for more migrating ducks and see the state’s spring pheasant hatch and numbers on the rise as well.

  • Duck season looks prime for waterfowl hunters

    I am not sure how I feel about this global warming/climate change issue. It seems logical to me over the centuries there would be cyclical changes in temperatures and climates. I am convinced those cycles occur, but I can also appreciate what man’s activities here on earth in our life times can influence temperatures and the environment.

  • Wildlife and humans encroach on each other

    One of the more distressing sights for me as I drive the streets and highways in and around the Denver Metro urbanized areas is urban wildlife road kill. Road kill is typically associated with rural and mountain highways, but it is just as common in the urban residential and commercial areas and is taking a serious toll on small wildlife in our metro area communities.