• Merrill Matthews 

  • Florence Eleanor Henry, 83, of Brighton, died May 23, 2015. She was born July 14, 1931, to Harry and Mary (Strailey) Linstrom in Brighton, and graduated from Brighton High School in 1950. 

  • John Crabtree

    Center for Rural Affairs


    A draft rule issued by USDA aims to define what it means to be ‘actively engaged’ in farming. The proposed rule makes some important changes, but those improvements are immediately undermined by two new loopholes introduced in the rule.

  •  Mike Littwin

    Colorado Independent


  • Trudy Lieberman

    Rural Health News Service

  • Mike Littwin

    Colorado Independent


    The question we are facing now is as obvious as a mission-accomplished sign: If Jeb Bush knew now what question he was going to be asked four days ago, would he be able to come up with a decent response?

    The answer, finally, is yes.

  • Libbi Palmer, PsyD

    Guest Column


  • It was in 1990 when I approached the black marble wall of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. I stood a few feet from it and just looked at all of the names. I looked from one end to the other. The vast expanse of it was quite overwhelming.  I looked at the small plaques of names, 58,195 in all at the time.

  • Jill Richardson

    OtherWords Columnist


    I recently checked out an upscale yoga studio in Madison, Wis., and discovered a new and disturbing trend: boxed water.

    Boxed water?

  • MetroWest Editorial Board

    Colorado’s grand experiment with decriminalizing marijuana has been a tricky process, but there’s hope that it will be further simplified this November.

  • Donald Kaul, Guest Columnist

    Dick Tuck, the legendary political prankster and wit, once ran for local office in San Francisco and lost. His concession speech, in its entirety: “The people have spoken — the bastards.”

  • We recently observed Veterans Day, and like the rest of you, I think of it as a day where we should do a little more than have a few sales and, my favorite part, free meals for veterans. We should just take a few minutes and think about the men and women who have served in our country’s armed forces. 

  • Guest column by Dr. Glenn Molette

    Average America doesn’t feel better off today.

  • They waited. And waited.

    They planned. They strategized. They did their homework. They campaigned.

  • By Trudy Lieberman, Rural Health News Service

  • I am honored to be the Commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 9741 here in the Carbon Valley area. I became involved in the VFW post because of my dedication to the freedom of America and the people who ensure we have these freedoms, those serving now and those who have served.

    To all Veterans, active military and citizens who support our military and Veterans, this is for you.

  •  Jack Kelly

    Guest Column


    The soldiers who fought the Revolutionary War were our first veterans, the only cohort of U.S. warriors who took up arms to create — rather than defend — a country.

  • Trudy Lieberman

    Rural Health News Service

  • Dan Shannon

    Guest Column


    Every time I read about an American corporation deserting our country to dodge its taxes, I think about my Uncle Billy. From a family of 11 kids in Pennsylvania coal country, Billy was a bombardier in World War II, shot down twice, the second time winding up in a German POW camp for 14 months.