• Mike Littwin

    If you were worried that the Donald’s inevitable implosion wouldn’t be wildly spectacular, you can put your mind at ease.

    Give the guy some credit.

  •  Dear Editor,

    The Fort Lupton Interfaith Collation for the Homeless, a grassroots organization, would like to thank everyone who has had faith in the project Hope @ Miracle House, a cold weather shelter for two families in Fort Lupton. 

  •  Dear Editor,

    The primary purpose of the VFW is to support the needs of any veteran who may require assistance. It may be helping with groceries, gasoline for the car, removing unwanted items from the basement, building a wheelchair ramp — it can be anything, and we are there to help you. All it takes to obtain assistance from our VFW Post is a phone call or email and a DD-214 (a certificate of release or discharge from active duty).

  •  As one of the participants proposing to build critically needed water storage improvements as parts of the Northern Integrated Supply Project, Frederick is very pleased that the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Study is finally completed and out for public review. 

  •  Jamie Posthuma, Ph.D., LP

    Program Manager of
    In-Home Resiliency and Support Services at Community Reach Center

  • Trudy Lieberman

    Rural Health News Service

  • Dave Eckhardt

    Urge the EPA to uphold the Renewable Fuel Standard — because it’s working.

    The EPA recently snubbed the Renewable Fuel Standard with a revision to the rule that would cut corn ethanol obligations by 3.75 billion gallons over three years — the equivalent to a billion and a half bushels in lost corn demand.

    We can’t help but ask, “Why?”

  • Lee H. Hamilton

    The presidential election is 16 months away, but already we’re smack in the middle of the usual media scrum of campaign coverage, prognostication, and strategizing by many of us who have nothing much to do with the real campaigns. I’ve been following the rhetoric of both parties, and there are a few points that stand out enough to tell us something about what we have to look forward to.

  • Ellie Makinster

     Readers are encouraged to send their mental-health-related questions to Ask A Therapist, and — space permitting — Community Reach Center therapists will answer them. Please email your questions to AskATherapist@CommunityReachCenter.org. 



  • Robert L. Bradley Jr.

    Climate activist Bill McKibben recently patted the environmental movement on the back for obstructing the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport oil sands from Alberta, Canada (along with U.S. supply) to the Gulf. McKibben opined, “It’s pretty amazing to see what happens when people organize.”

  •  Harold Pease

    Historian and
    political science professor

  •  Dear Friends,


    When I was district attorney in Northern Colorado, a gentleman visited my office. He told me that 40 years ago, when he was in college, he gave his landlord a bad check. Because of this, he has not been able to exercise his Second Amendment rights. Over the past 40 years, he has been a model citizen. He finished college, worked hard, and raised a family.

  • I was very interested while reading Stephanie Alderton’s article “Rain, Rain, Go Away” (June 10) about the huge amount of rain we have received this spring, and its impacts on local farmers. 

  •  I was pleased to hear this past week so many businesses and governments saying they will no longer support the sale of, or display of the Confederate flag.

    However, it should have taken simple common sense not nine innocent black lives, to eliminate it a long time ago.

  • Merrill Matthews

     Editor’s note: This op-ed was written and submitted June 15, three days before the University of Colorado-Boulder and the U.S. Geological Survey published a survey linking wastewater injection wells to seismic activity. 

  • Mike Littwin

    How have the many years of a society dealing with its racist history come to this? How does this level of racist hatred still exist?

    This was a day for grieving and sorrow and reflection — and for counting the number of times Barack Obama has addressed the country after a mass shooting. There are so many that the Washington Post has published a timeline.



    Hey, brothers and sisters, I’ve got a favor to ask of you: Can you spare some good news?

    I guess before I start asking favors, I should introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Johnson, or JJ. (Some readers might immediately think of “Jeremiah Johnson,” a movie mountain man played by Robert Redford. Feel free to ignore the mug shot above and picture me as such.)

  • Merrill Matthews


    The recent California oil pipeline spill has highlighted an important problem: even though the United States has surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s top energy producer, our nation’s infrastructure for transporting, storing and delivering energy hasn’t kept up with production. 

  •  Letter to Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, Penny Pritzker, and Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, from senators Joe Manchin III (D-Virginia), Steve Daines (R-Montana) and Angus S. King Jr. (I-Maine)


    Dear Secretary (Penny) Pritzker 

    and Secretary (Tom) Vilsack:

  • Mike Littwin

    When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008 as the anti-Iraq-war candidate, it all seemed so easy.

    He’d wind down the war, pull out the troops and leave Iraqis to sort out their own country, with the help of American “advisers” — whatever that word means.