• As we confront these challenging times, some may begin to feel like their survival sack is shrinking. This old legend can aid us in keeping things in perspective about what to and not to carry around.

  • It’s been said, “It’s not so much what comes to one in the journey of life, but what is important is how one handles the issue when it comes.”

    As we face challenging times on all fronts, our attitudes will be tested. This account, from a story in the 1998 Shenandoah Valley Herald, makes the point when the issues are handled with the right attitude.

  • Editor,

    It is with a humble heart that His Hands Food Cupboard, an outreach of The Worship Center @ Brighton extends our gratitude to the community for the financial donation toward the Christmas Kids Outreach last month. We asked local businesses and our community to pitch in $10 per child to provide a bag of Christmas presents.

  • The dog dies.

    I’m new at this, but I think I was supposed to post some disclaimer before I ruined the end of the movie “Marley and Me.”

    Who are we kidding?

    Name the movie, “Where the Red Fern Grows,” “Old Yeller,” “Cujo.”

    The dog always dies.

    And then I’m left in a theater, blubbering like an idiot, trying to be consoled by my three-year-old daughter who is really angling for some more of my popcorn.

  • Ten years ago, Janice Fisher-Giles arrived at the Fort Lupton Public and School Library. It’s safe to say, the library hasn’t been the same since.

    Relentless in her devotion to serving the public, Janice and her staff are constantly thinking of ways to get people through the doors, and hooked on reading, computers or simply spending an hour or so listening to – or participating in – one of the programs the library offers.

  • Editor,

    Coyote Creek Golf Club is presently booking golf tournaments, new leagues and corporate/group outings for the 2009 golf season. It’s not too early for your 2009 golf experience.

    If you would like to discuss how much fun it can be to have our staff host your tournament or league and to generate some excellent positive goodwill and publicity, not to mention a little extra funding for your organization, do not hesitate to contact me. Available dates are rapidly being booked so don’t miss out on the opportunity to schedule an event.

  • There is a disturbing pattern spreading across the Front Range, the results of which will have long- term consequences to those of you reading this. In recent weeks, our publications have detailed long-range plans by metropolitan water providers, many strapped for resources, now looking to the north for renewable water sources.

  • Thoughts and reflections for a Wednesday morning while waiting for a good deal on a flat-screen television.

    • I got out of my car at the grocery store the other night and a mother was berating her child. “That is a terrible word. That is the worst word you could ever say. You are getting your mouth washed out with soap.”

    • I think he said bailout.

    • It never ceases to amaze me the numbers of reporters local television stations send out to tell you it’s snowing.

    • Part of me agrees with going where the news is.

  • Methodist Church helps with Thanksgiving boxes

  • Thoughts and reflections for a Tuesday morning while I ponder the things I won’t be saying in this year’s Christmas letter.

        • I don’t mind the occasional Christmas jingle but is holiday music any more annoying than when you’re stuck in traffic?

        • I was compelled last week to find that man heading to Philadelphia and cram his homemade pumpkin pie down his throat.

  • You don’t want to hear it, but “I want it” is as obsolete as 23 skidoo (perhaps the first truly national fad expression and one of the most popular to appear in the U.S, in the 1920s, meaning “getting [out] while the getting’s good.” )

    “Honey, I shrunk the kids” is becoming, “Honey, I shrunk our lifestyle.”

  • Here at the paper, we receive a ton of e-mail, most of it informational, most of which contains healthy give-and-takes on positions of interest, some, for lack of a better definition, sort of loony tunes. Though I enjoy the latter category the most, sometimes a reader (sometimes dozens of readers) wind up so far out in left field that we feel duty-bound to call them in before the end of the inning. Such has been the case in the run-up to, and the post analysis of, the 2008 general election.

  • To All Our Friends:

    We cannot thank you enough for all the lovely and thoughtful expressions of hope, care, love and concern throughout the past 14 years. Each card brought a smile, each visit brought a laugh, each meal brought comfort, and each prayer brought peace. We deeply appreciate all of you for being there.

    The Family of Floyd Acre

    Fort Lupton

  • There’s a new flap over Christmas decorations each year.

    Last year, Denver tried to keep religious floats out of the Parade of Lights. Big controversy. It all ended ugly with Mayor John Hickenlooper admitting, “He didn’t know Jesus but he hoped he could count on a DNC contribution for him.”

    This year, it’s the city of Golden where the local rabbi suggested he wanted to put a menorah by the city’s 800-foot tall Christmas tree in honor of Hanukah.

  • Open house at the Fort


    Your friends and neighbors are inviting you to a Christmas open house at Old Fort Lupton, which is being built by volunteers and donations.

    You may have seen our progress if you travel north or south on Highway 85 at 14th Street. We are ¼-mile west of the intersection and ¼-mile north on Historic Park Way.

    The open house will be Dec. 2 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Cider and cookies will be served, Christmas music will be played and questions answered by volunteer workers.

  • Pool closure short-sighted


    This letter is written to express my concern about the proposed closure of the Fort Lupton School District swimming pool due to the costs for the repairs needed. While it is understandable that the school district needs to prioritize its dollars, it is also short-sighted to create a disincentive for students to learn a lifetime sport. Swimming is a great sport for students who don’t like or have the ability to compete in a team sport like football or basketball.

  • I was flipping through the channels Sunday when my 2-year-old-daughter screamed out, “Rock Obama.”

    It was actually former Denver Bronco Shannon Sharpe.

    Could have been worse. It could have been George Jefferson.

    Or Webster.

    We haven’t really gotten into explaining our differences as humans to my daughter yet. For our own sake, she’s probably reaching that age. I don’t want to be meeting President Obama every time we go to the grocery store or a movie or Chuck E. Cheese.