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    Rural Health News Service

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  • Trudy Lieberman
    Rural Health News Service

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    Destination Church

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    Keller Williams 1st Realty

  • Jim Hightower

    The sales push behind Washington’s latest “free-trade” agreement amounts to Kabuki theater.

    What’s Kabuki? It’s a 17th-century form of Japanese drama, featuring elaborate sets and costuming, rhythmic dialogue, and stylized acting and dancing. That pretty much sums up the White House’s production of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  • Rep. Mike Coffman, R-6th Congressional District

    President Obama wants to bring terrorists incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay to Colorado. This is outrageous and I’ll do everything I can to stop it.

  •  Dear Editor,


    Kaiser Permanente is proud to partner with United Way of Weld County as a Gold Sponsor of Weld Project Connect for the third consecutive year.

  •  Cathy Owens

    Ask A Therapist


    We all have rough days,

    but when is it time to seek counseling?


  •  Dear Editor,


    The South Platte Valley Historical Society would like to express a huge thank you to the Fort Lupton Branding Iron for their donations of all the sausage, paper products, and beverages for our annual SPVHS Pancake Breakfast, during Trapper Days, Sept. 12.

    Sadly, the Branding Iron will be closing soon and the managers and staff will be opening a new restaurant in Brighton called River Bottom Restaurant, in October.

  •  Marvin J. Folkertsma

    Center for Vision & Values

  • Mike Littwin

  • Dear Editor,

    I, like many others, noticed Congressman (Jared) Polis (D-2nd) recently voted to terminate the life of a child that survived a botched abortion procedure. Abortion is not birth control.

  • Luke Moore


    North Range Behavioral Health

  • Kathleen Turner

    People for the American Way

    In the first two Republican presidential debates, the candidates slugged it out over who hated Planned Parenthood the most.

    Virtually every hopeful promised to defund the organization. Some of them, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), are vowing to force the issue — even if it means shutting down the federal government.

  • Mike Littwin

    Maybe the most telling moment of Pope Francis’s address to Congress came when he finally got to abortion. This would be, at last, the Republicans’ turn to glow in the papal light.

  • Dear Editor,
    [Last week’s] Supreme Court decision is extremely disappointing for every educator, family and student in Colorado. The Court’s ruling essentially allows the legislature to circumvent Amendment 23, passed by voters in 2000, and its clear mandate requiring the legislature to increase public education funds.