•  Dear editor:


    United Way of Weld County would like to thank the volunteers and companies who helped change lives throughout Weld County during the annual Day of Action on June 15-16. 

    More than 300 people volunteered and worked on 29 projects at 26 different locations in Greeley, Evans, Windsor, Eaton, Frederick, Galeton and Fort Lupton.

  •  Dear editor,

    Tax cuts are helping some businesses expand. They’re helping mine survive. 

    The recently passed federal tax cuts include much for businesses to like. A new 20 percent tax deduction, immediate expensing of capital investment, and lower across-the-board tax rates give some businesses the extra funds they need to expand, hire, and raise wages. 

  • Dear editor,


    College is not always the right next step. That’s not something you probably hear often, and when you do, you might think, “it is if I want to make a living and become somebody!” 

  • By the American Red Cross

    Make sure the trip back to the classroom is a safe one.

     “Safety should be the top priority for all students, especially younger children and those heading to school for the first time,” said Gino Greco, chief executive officer of the Red Cross of Colorado and Wyoming. “Whether riding, biking or walking to school, we want everyone to arrive and then return home safely.”


    By Alan J. Kaylor

    Weld Re-8 School District superintendent

    Welcome to school year 2016 – 2017!

    It is an exciting time for the Weld Re-8 School District! 

    I am honored and privileged to serve as the superintendent of schools. I truly appreciate your continued support of our schools and the changes our district is embarking upon.  

  • Johnny Kampis  

    Charter school advocates are bullish on a recent Colorado Department of Education report that touts the racial diversity and academic success of charter schools.

    They’re also hopeful that the report will spur lawmakers to close the funding gap between charters and traditional public schools in the 2017 legislative session.

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    United Way of Weld County

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    Community Reach Center

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    U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

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  • Dear Editor,

    Back in 1961, I worked at Nedicks at Time Square, in New York City. I sold mostly hotdogs and sodas. Nedicks made a great hotdog and they did a thriving business. At that time, hotdogs cost 15 cents each and I made the minimum wage of $1 per hour. Then one day, it was announced in the papers that the government was raising the minimum wage to $1.15 per hour. The very next day, Nedicks raised the price of hotdogs to 25 cents each, and a week later I was let go. Prices that were not controlled by our government went up also.

  • Dear Editor,

    The end of 2015 is nearly here and a new day is dawning for Colorado’s solar power. With solar installation costs falling, the efficiency of solar cells improving, and the threats of air pollution and climate disruption mounting, solar power’s growth could not come at a more critical time.
        We are poised both globally and nationally to accelerate the development of renewable energy, and in Colorado there is an especially great opportunity to become a leader in the U.S. in solar power capacity per capita.

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  • Dear Editor,
    The Fort Lupton Optimist Club sends a heartfelt thank you to every single individual, as well as the local businesses, who contributed to the huge success of the 2015 Angel Tree Christmas Project. The tremendous outpouring of support for this project was overwhelming and very much appreciated. With your support, we were able to provide a merrier Christmas to about 190 less fortunate children and 64 families right here in our Fort Lupton community.

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    Keller Williams 1st Realty

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    Community Reach Center

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    What a difference six years makes!