• “My dad was crazy. He would tell me things like that tiny bugs rule the world and make me sleep outside.”

  • By Liam Adams 

    Homes are not just shells containing brick, wood and windows. They are holiday celebrations, sick days in bed, and a Sunday afternoon in the garden. They possess memories, emotions and the multiplicity of life itself.

  • Every project begins with a ringneck pheasant. Before she can even start on her artwork, Sandie Mackenzie has to taxidermy and meticulously clean the pelt of the bird. 

  • Cowboys tried to make it through a volcanic, eight-second bull ride inside the grandstand Aug. 4, while under the twinkling lights of the carnival, kids glided atop elegant horses on the merry-go-round at the Adams County Fair. 

    The two scenes might have seemed worlds apart but they made just two parts of the multi-faceted Adams County Fair at Adams County Regional Park at 9755 Henderson Road in Brighton. The fair wrapped up  Aug. 7.

  • An impressive collection of flight-worthy replica aircraft and historic memorabilia are hidden inside the Vintage Aero Flying Museum in a colony of nondescript airplane hangars at Platte Valley Airpark.

    Such planes and aviation history are rarely found all in one place, let alone at a tiny airport in Fort Lupton. Outside, small planes pass by on the thin runway, the buzz of propellers fading in and out.

  •     Erika A. Miller and Roy R. Perez, of Fort Lupton, announce the birth of their son, Roy Rojelio Perez.
        Roy was born Oct. 22, at Platte Valley Medical Center, in Brighton, weighing 6 pounds, 13 ounce and measuring 19 inches.
        Grandparents are Charles and Claudia Miller, of Fort Lupton, and Roy and Mary Perez.


  • FORT COLLINS — Many of us with active and outdoorsy lifestyles have dogs that likewise are active and outdoorsy: It’s common to see people walking, running, hiking and playing fetch with their dogs. Many ranchers have herding dogs to help manage cattle and sheep. Gamebird hunters likewise take their working dogs on excursions. 

  • Renee Roberts and Kevin McGrath, of Hudson, announce the birth of their son, Liam Ollie Owens McGrath.

    Liam was born Aug. 8, at Platte Valley Medical Center, in Brighton, weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces and measuring 20½ inches.

  • Marijane Sallas and Albert Vasquez, announced the birth of their son, Albert Alvarado Vasquez.

    Albert was born Aug. 6, at Platte Valley Medical Center, in Brighton, weighing 6 pounds, 4 ounces and measuring 20¼ inches.

  • FIRESTONE — Firestone town officials are preparing for another summer of movie fun, with Food & Flick Fridays beginning later this month.

  • Maintaining a lush lawn is a healthy and rewarding hobby that affords homeowners to spend some time outdoors in nature.

    Lawn enthusiasts can make their hobby even healthier by adopting several eco-friendly lawn care strategies that not only make for a healthier lawn, but a healthier planet as well.

  • Brad McHargue, Film Critic

    Will Ferrell is arguably one of the most-popular comedic actors working in film today, so teaming him up with Kevin Hart in a racially charged comedy that seeks to satirize racism, ignorance, and the 1-percent seems like a recipe for a win.

  • FIRESTONE — Hope springs eternal for Donna Garnett, who is banking that the three sessions of Embracing Horses Spring Camp slated for March and April will lead more area youth to embrace equine interactions and the positive life behaviors horsemanship can help shape.

  • Brad McHargue, Film Critic

  •  By Brad McHargue, Film Critic

  • FORT LUPTON — On its snow-dusted surface, the Chill Denver program is about teaching snowboarding skills to underprivileged or inexperienced kids. 

    But the cold, hard truth is that snowboarding is really a metaphor for life: When you fall down, you’ve got to get back up and try again.

  • FIRESTONE — The Longs Peak Council of the Boys Scouts of America — which includes Carbon Valley’s Troop 98 of the Mountain View District — celebrated its 90th anniversary last year, and scouting as a whole will turn 105 years old this month. 

    And what a difference a century or so makes.

  • By Brad McHargue, Film Critic

    With time travel a hot Hollywood commodity, it was only a matter of time before someone obfuscated an intrinsically interesting premise with the found footage conceit — case in point: "Project Almanac," directed by Dean Israelite and written by first-timers Jason Harry Pagan and Andrew Deutschman.

  • By Brad McHargue, Film Critic

    Defying the odds in a month of mostly bad and forgettable films, director Kevin Macdonald’s submarine-set thriller “Black Sea” joins the ranks of Joe Carnahan’s “The Grey” as a January release that subverts expectations by actually being good, nay, great.

  • "A Most Violent Year," J.C. Chandor's final film in his Rich Folks Trilogy, is a markedly enjoyable ride until it starts to beat its message into the viewer like a Brooklyn hoodlum getting pistol-whipped on the cement.