• I’m voting no on 3A

        I have studied the amendments 3A and 3B for the Fort Lupton Schools, searching for all the information I could find. I taught at Fort Lupton High School for 30 years and retired in 2006. I respect those who have written in
    support of the bond issue, but I have a great many concerns about it.
        I come from the time when Fort Lupton was considered a model school in Colorado, and when we were on top academically and athletically. That is not the case today.

  • 3A and 3B just make sense

        Why vote for Weld RE-8 ballot questions 3A and 3B? To me, the answer is simple — they just make sense.

  • Vote ‘yes’ on 3A and 3B

        I am a senior citizen in Fort Lupton and I am voting “Yes” on 3A and 3B. Here’s why:
        Because I want our kids to have the best buildings/facilities, just like all the other schools and children in Colorado.
        Because I want our kids to enjoy the experience of having the best teachers in the state.
        Because Fort Lupton students are being left behind as students in larger districts progress.

  • Vote ‘yes’ on 3A and 3B

        The schools are the heart of a small community like Fort Lupton. Have a heart! Our willingness to invest in our schools says that we want that heart to keep pumping life into our community.
        Please vote YES on 3A and 3B. Our kids and our schools are worth the investment.
    John R. Dent

  • Vote Shaffer for Congress

        As a retired teacher, formerly of Aims Community College South Campus and Fort Lupton’s public schools, I’m proud to support Brandon Shaffer, the only candidate truly committed to education, for the US House of Representatives.
        Brandon’s been a strong advocate for education during the eight years he served in the Colorado State Senate. His mother was a teacher, and his wife teaches elementary school in Longmont. He saw the challenges that Colorado schools faced, and he worked to overcome them.

  • Duck race a success

        The Fort Lupton Optimist Club held its annual Ducks Across the Rockies duck race Sept. 9. The event took place at the corner of Weld County Roads 6 and 19.
        Water levels were lower than in years past, but that didn’t seem to bother the ducks at all.
        Leading the flock and swimming across the finish line first was duck 522, earning Mary Rossi a fabulous $300 first prize. Coming in a very close second was duck 549, owned by Rich Abbott, earning him a prize of $150.

  • Pay it forward

        Do you believe in the statement, “pay it forward”? I do, I surely do.
        In the coming weeks, please watch for more information regarding upcoming November ballot issues, 3A and 3B for the Weld Re-8 School District.
        You’ll find helpful information posted around town and also more details will arrive in your mail. Please take time to educate yourself with these ballot issues…you truly have an opportunity to pay it forward to the youth of Fort Lupton.

  • Vote ‘yes’ on 3A and 3B

        I’m asking for your support for 3A and 3B on the November ballot, and here’s why:
        When I began serving on the Re-8 Board of Education in November 2003, I’ll admit it was with selfish intentions. I wanted to improve Fort Lupton Schools for my two sons who were just entering the system. At that time, I really had no idea of the scope of issues we would face over the next nine years.

  • Thanks for your support

        Mrs., Shelly Galicia Wyss, Staff and Students would like to thank the St. Williams Catholic Church parishioners and the Knights of Columbus for their generous donation to the Twombly Elementary Special needs Program.
        Thank you,
    Mrs. Shelly Wyss and Staff


  • Thanks to everyone for another successful year of Trapper Days

    Dear Editor,
        We could not have asked for a better turnout at our 10th annual Fort Lupton Trapper’s Day “Bike and Car Show”.  It included hot cars, cool bikes, great food, live band, a silent auction for adults and kids, and much more.  Once again we have successfully raised funds for the Floyd Acre scholarship and the Blessings in a Bag program.  The collecting of canned goods for the Fort Lupton Food Bank and an onsite blood drive has also become a standard part of the event.