• Jacobson’s name-calling distracts from real issues

        This letter is to present the following question. Why do you continue to print articles by Al Jacobson, who is so full of dislike, or even disgust, or a stronger word hate, that he cannot keep from calling anyone who does not think as he does a leftist/liberal?

  • Jacobson’s take on guns, Democrats ludicrous

        Enough with Al Jacobson! He should add the word “rabid” to his description of himself as a conservative Republican.
        His comment about various cities having high rates of violent crime because their mayors are Democrats is ridiculous. If those mayors were Republican or independents, the same people would commit the same crimes anyway because that’s just what they do. What planet is this guy from?

  • Businesses help with park upgrades

        The Fort Lupton Recreation Department would like to announce that Pearson Park received donations from local sponsors to upgrade the dugouts this summer.
        Local businesses contributed $25,200 for the replacement of all eight dugouts at the park. Local adult and youth softball and baseball teams will enjoy the new facilities at Pearson Park.
        The following businesses donated for this project: Haliburton, Purifoy Chevrolet, A&W Water, Anadarko and Tote-A-Shed.

  • ‘Fast & Furious 6’ finds clever way to bring crew back together

    I keep thinking about the Blues Brothers.
         Sure, Jake and Elwood were responsible for one of the most-epic car chases in cinema history, but that’s not why their four-wheeled caper is on my mind after seeing “Fast & Furious 6.”
        What has my engine rarin’ after watching the latest installment of the hottest action franchise of the past decade is how well it works with a simple premise: Bringing the band back together.

  • Thank you for your support

        The family of Ricky Hurtado, of Firestone, wishes to express their sincere gratitude and outpouring of love, support and prayer during this very difficult time. We are truly blessed to have such great family and friends.
    Corrie Hurtado

  • Despite weather, Easter Egg Hunt Goes on as Planned

    Neither rain, nor snow nor dark of night will prevent the Fort Lupton Optimist Easter Egg hunt.

  • Letter: Fort Lupton Fire Protection District RE: DCP Propane Leak
  • Support Ken Kreutzer

        I write this letter to support the candidacy of Ken Kreutzer for the Uniter Power board. Ken is a lifelong resident of Brighton and he understands its history and it future. Ken understands the need for a high-quality sustainable power grid and the balancing need for affordable energy.

  • Mail in your ballot for Kreutzer

        It is with great pride that I submit a letter of endorsement for Ken Kreutzer for United Power Board, South District.
        The Kreutzer family has been a family in good standing in this area for many, many years.

  • Ken Kreutzer for United Power South District

        Living and working in the city where you were raised has advantages because many residents know who you are.
        Ken Kreutzer, one of Brighton’s own, is a Director Candidate for the United Power South District. Ken is well known in the Brighton area. Now that he has retired after 24 years as the marketing education teacher, he has the time and desire to commit to his community.