• RUA is inevitable change of life

        We, in southern Weld County, are many long steps from when my husband David came in 1934. He, with his dad Ralph, drove their cattle on horseback from a farm south of Boulder down what is now Baseline road and Highway 7 and onto County Road 2 to our farm in south Weld County, where we have been ever since, seventy-six years. The cattle are long gone, of course.
        This was truly an agricultural region then. Each neighbor had his own dairy and grew corn and hay for their cattle. 

  • Ballot measures “voter-approved recession”

    To all voting citizens:
        I would like to take this opportunity to share my concerns about Proposition 101 and Amendments 60 and 61. I heard a presentation the other day and thought, gee maybe they would be a good idea, Less taxes, we all need to try to conserve our resources. We have too much government now and they don’t need al l that money anyway!

  • Trapper Day chairperson grateful for support; steps down

        Just a quick note to say thanks to the many individuals and businesses that made the 2010 city of Fort Lupton Trapper Days a success.  The Hometown Heroes celebration was more than we could have asked for, and what a way to celebrate all the heroes in our community.
        In honoring our hometown heroes, we celebrated the dedication and commitment of our armed forces, fire, police, educators and so many more. This was a weekend to remember.

  • Ducks sail again

            The Fort Lupton Optimist Club held their annual Ducks Across the Rockies duck race Sept. 12, 2010.  The event took place at  2 p.m., at  the corner of Weld County Roads 6 and 19. Water levels were moderate with a little cooler than average water temperature, but that didn’t seem to bother the ducks at all.     

  • Give students their due

        Let’s honor our students for their accomplishments. We’d like to propose a new headline for Aug. 11, 2010, Fort Lupton Press: Re-8 Reading and Math Scores Improve.
        The Fort Lupton Press continues to highlight how the glass is half empty, and we believe our students deserve a headline that recognizes their continued improvements with our CSAP results. In fact, our median growth score this year for math is 55, while the state result is 50.

  • Letter: What are the commissioners missing?


        Every Weld County staff member and organization that has analyzed the proposed Dry Creek mega-development has gone on to urge the Weld County commissioners to reject this project.  Not one sees the need or usefulness for a new town to be established between Fort Lupton, Brighton and Dacono.