• LETTER: Get ready for the pie baking contest

    Dear editor,

    The Good Luck 4-H Club was busy Saturday, June 16, getting ready for the 2nd annual Adams County Fair Old Fashioned Pie Baking Contest.  The contest is for the best homemade fruit pie.  

    Last year’s contest was a big success and had 54 entries and included classics pies, like apple and cherry, but also included not-so-common recipes, such as coconut and mango.  The contest raised more than $3,000 for the Brighton Rotary Club. 

  • LETTER: Thanks to homeless survey volunteers

    Dear editor:

    Each year, any community wishing to receive federal funding to address homelessness must complete a Point-in-Time Count of individuals experiencing homelessness in their jurisdiction. This year, 60 volunteers from United Way of Weld County conducted the Point-in-Time (PIT) Count for Weld County. 

  • LETTE: Stop sign issue

    Dear editor,

    I live at the intersection of Wagonwheel Drive and Clubhouse Drive.  

    There is currently a single stop sign as you are headed north on Clubhouse  


    I have been a resident here since Nov. 1, and have witnessed a 90 percent 

    failure to stop rate every single day. This includes all construction traffic, city vehicles, private vehicles, fire trucks, mail trucks, sheriff cars, police cars and motorcycles.

  • LETTER: Yes to energy development

    Dear editor,
    I am a strong supporter of energy development in Colorado. I know the great things that oil and gas production does for our state. Many people take it for granted, but I don’t.
    With more than 102,000 jobs and 10 percent of our state’s economy dependent on the energy industry, it’s important that we have people in office who will support pro-energy policies. Politicians who do this are the ones who will earn my vote.

  • LETTER: Be sure and vote Nov. 8

    Dear editor,
    Register. Vote. Be heard.
    Politicians and policy makers at all levels of government routinely make decisions about issues that directly affect women and families, including our paychecks, access to reproductive health care, violence against women, and education funding.  
    To create real change, women must be part of the conversation, and at this moment the most powerful way for us to chime in is at the polls.
    During this season of political punditry and campaign promises, it’s more  

  • LETTER: No such thing as a day with empty pages

    Whenever I get ready to write a Glimpse of Grace, or a sermon, or even a letter, there is always an empty page that stares back at me. And it will remain blank until I hit my keyboard, or put the pen to paper. Even if it is just a doodle, or a mistaken touch of a key, until that happens, the page will remain empty.

  • Letter to the Editor

    Carbon Valley community members,
    The votes have been counted and it is my pleasure to introduce the newly elected Carbon Valley Chamber Board of Directors.
         • Ross Blackmer; Carbon Valley Park & Recreation District
        • Don Haddad ED. D.; Superintendent of Schools
        • Lisa Hoxie; Education Foundation for St. Vrain Valley
        • Shelly Jackson; All Area Acoustics
        • Shelley McLeod; Summit Bank & Trust

  • Letter to the Editor

    Dear Editor,
    On Dec. 19, over 150 Fort Lupton area families received turkeys, food boxes and toys during the annual Fort Lupton Food and Clothing Bank Christmas Food Distribution event.
        The FLFCB would like to thank the Weld Food Bank, Dave and Tina McKay, Bank of Colorado Operations Center, Rain for Rent, volunteers from Love’s Foundation Church, individual volunteers, Fort Lupton Fire Department, Santa, Wholly Stromboli, Safeway and many other faithful supporters for making the event possible.


  • Letter to the Editor

    Dear Editor,
    Richard Lambert Foundation is honored to have been the recipient of the 2015, Brighton Chamber of Commerce award for Community Organization of the Year. We would like to thank the Brighton Chamber of Commerce, Brighton Legacy Foundation, RLF sponsors, donors, community partners, volunteers, our board of directors and staff, the Brighton community and to all of the families that we serve for entrusting Richard Lambert Foundation’s Family Grief & Healing Center to walk along side you through one of life most difficult experiences.

  • All Together Now

    I was just wondering — what if Christmas could be different this year? And I mean, really different. What if we brought back “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays?” What if we sang “Hark the Herald, Angels Sing” alongside of, instead of just “Jingle Bells?” What if we saw Santa Claus for who he truly is: Saint Nicholas, who brought gifts to those who couldn’t afford gifts themselves, and who stood for the truth about Jesus against what today would be called a “liberal agenda?”