• Handling our emotions

    We are now embarking upon the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and feelings about what transpired are still unprocessed. This is evident by the way people react to things associated with the event. I am certainly not trying to undermine our pain, but untreated emotions can lead to destructive behavior of one’s self and others as well.  Arnold Label has said in “Three Things:
    •Three things in life once gone, never come back – Time, Words, Opportunity
    • Three things in life that can destroy a person – Anger, Pride, Unfairness

  • Football watching: A family affair

    My wife doesn’t get football.
    She isn’t alone. Statistics that I just made up show more than 80 percent of women can’t tell the difference between a place kicker and a placemat.
        My wife’s gripe is a common one. What’s intellectually stimulating about 11 grown men pushing each other around a field for three hours? And yet women watch virtually the same thing occur for three months on “The Bachelor.”