• Fort Lupton man faces DUI, child abuse, charges

    A Fort Lupton man faces charges of child abuse for driving under the influence with his 7-year-old daughter in the car.

    Police pulled over Vance Chavez, 30, around 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 27, for driving with no headlights.

    He failed both a roadside sobriety test and a blood test. 


    “When you expose them (children) to that, that’s the charge,” said John Fryar, Fort Lupton’s interim police chief.


  • Weld County Sheriff’s Office names new public information officer

    The Weld County Sheriff’s Office recently named Corporal Francisco Saucedo as its new public information officer.

    Saucedo has more than five years of law enforcement experience working with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and Leadville Police Department. He joined Weld County in October 2016 and will make $35 per hour in his new role.

    “He looks the part, walks the walk, talks the talk. He was looking for a promotion so it’s a good time for him,” said Sheriff Steve Reams.

  • DA charges Brighton man for alleged attack on father

    A Brighton man faces second-degree felony charges for allegedly assaulting and strangling his father in Fort Lupton.

    Travis Stanley, 21, attacked his father David Stanley, 52, Thursday, Aug. 31, according to police reports. Travis Stanley tackled his dad and began to punch him in his head and face, after his dad called him “lazy” while they were moving items from a storage unit, according to police reports. Travis Stanley allegedly put his dad in a headlock for about one minute, according to police reports.

  • County looks into illegal storage after neighbors complain

    Ogilvie disputed the claims, saying that his commercial truck drivers use Highway 85, even though his property also can be reached by Lone Pine Street in Fort Lupton. Neighbor Benjamin Bachicha said he has seen the trucks on Lone Pine in the past, but not for at least six months.


  • Youth drug and alcohol use going down

    Students at Fort Lupton Middle School and Fort Lupton High School responded to an anonymous survey about drug and alcohol use. Here’s what they said:

    Have consumed alcohol at least once


    High school: 77 percent

    Middle school: 50 percent


    High school: 67 percent

    Middle school: 16 percent

    Have smoked marijuana at least once


    High school: 40 percent

    Middle school: 20 percent


    High school: 57 percent

  • Police arrest Denver man for heroin possession

    Denver resident Alex Lyman could face up to six charges for his arrest in Fort Lupton.

    Police found Lyman, 22, in his 2008 white Ford Taurus near the corner of Lancaster Avenue and Lantern Drive around 8 p.m. He tried to lie about his identity and failed a sobriety test. Police later found heroin and heroin paraphernalia - tin foil and cut straws - in Lyman’s possession.

  • Fort Lupton man charged with assault, harassment

    A Fort Lupton man was arrested and charged with third-degree assault, two counts of harassment, and criminal mischief after an argument in the 300 block of Wagonwheel Drive Saturday, July 1.

    Troy Randolph, 41, allegedly pushed a victim up some stairs  and sent abusive text messages, according to a court affidavit. The Fort Lupton Press is not publishing the exact address of the alleged crimes because of an agreement with area police departments to publish the general vicinity of domestic violence cases.

  • Sgt. John Fryar to take over for Chief Poncelow

    Starting July 10, there will be a new "sheriff" in town.

  • Fort Lupton chief of police Ken Poncelow to retire

    It has been a long road for Fort Lupton Police Chief Kenneth Poncelow.

    “I’ve been servicing all the acts, tired of playing with all the clowns,” Poncelow said about the criminals he has dealt with throughout his career.

    Now, the 42-year police veteran has decided to hang up his police uniform, announcing recently that he will retire July 10.

    Poncelow said he took over a department in shambles when he came to Fort Lupton as chief of police in 2010 after serving as a commander for Weld County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Wave of burglaries disturb Fort Lupton businesses

    Video surveillance from early Friday morning, June 16, shows three burglars draped in baggy hoods and black bandannas enter through the back door at the Balderas family's MB Towing Services at 2732 Weld County Road 27.

    The tape shows robbers finding their way to the safe, forcibly opening a drawer with a crowbar and stealing $2,800 from inside, but not before leaving critical fingerprints on the counter above.

    In a previous incident in December, a single burglar with a limp - an uncanny resemblance to a burglar from the second attack - stole around $1,800.