Today's Features

  • “My dad was crazy. He would tell me things like that tiny bugs rule the world and make me sleep outside.”

  • “I was a professional dancer until I fractured my knee, so I became a teacher.”

    Rosalia Salazar-Calles, a science teacher at Fort Lupton High School, is also the club sponsor and leader of Ballet Folklorico de la Cultural, also known as the Folklorico dancers.

  • By Liam Adams 

    Homes are not just shells containing brick, wood and windows. They are holiday celebrations, sick days in bed, and a Sunday afternoon in the garden. They possess memories, emotions and the multiplicity of life itself.

  • Downtown Fort Lupton’s Farmers Market will be from 5 to 8:30 p.m. the second and fourth Mondays of the months of August, September and October, in the parking lot at 605 Fourth St.

  • The E-470 Public Highway Authority board decided not to privatize the road during a board meeting Aug. 8.

    According to a statement, the authority received an unsolicited proposal “to effectively concession the road and monetize toll revenues.” The E-470 board thought the proposal would not benefit the local and regional customers or its member communities, the statement said.

    E-470 Executive Director Tim Steward said the proposal didn’t meet E-470’s mission.

  • Mike Lee, with Ju Shin, and John J. Vandemoer with Fort Lupton 110 LLP, received approval from Fort Lupton City council Aug. 5 for a sketch-planned development.

    The plan is to build a mixed-use subdivision (commercial, multifamily and single-family residences) on about 59 acres adjoining South Rollie Avenue on the east and west sides of the street, 12 miles south of state Highway 52 and adjacent to Weld County Road 12.  


  • The Fort Lupton Police Department and Weld Re-8 School District hired another school resource officer to ensure the safety of the kids and will provide active shooter training for the schools and the public.

    “The school district will pay 75 percent of the cost for the second school resource officer. The two officers will split between four schools. Also, there is an officer at Kenneth Homyak PK-8 in Dacono. We were very happy that the district is helping to pay for the extra officer,” said Fort Lupton Police Chief John Fryar.

  • Alfonzo Dworak gives it his all and then some during a performance of his youth band at the Carbon Valley Music Festival Aug. 3 in Dacono.  The city of Dacono always chooses a youth band every year to lead. It was the first time the band played together, and all its members are under the age of 17 with the youngest who is 15. They play a jazzy soul genre.

  • The Fort Lupton's Police Department celebrated its annual community campaign at Koshio Park, Tuesday August 6. It's an event that advocates on building relationships with law enforcement and the neighborhoods to help make it a better and safer place to live. The officers cooked and provided a free dinner, games and fun activities for the community. Also, families got the opportunity to meet the men and women who serve to keep the residences safe.