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  • “My dad was crazy. He would tell me things like that tiny bugs rule the world and make me sleep outside.”

  • “I was a professional dancer until I fractured my knee, so I became a teacher.”

    Rosalia Salazar-Calles, a science teacher at Fort Lupton High School, is also the club sponsor and leader of Ballet Folklorico de la Cultural, also known as the Folklorico dancers.

  • By Liam Adams 

    Homes are not just shells containing brick, wood and windows. They are holiday celebrations, sick days in bed, and a Sunday afternoon in the garden. They possess memories, emotions and the multiplicity of life itself.

  • Chainsaws are revving up for the annual Frederick Chainsaws andChuckwagons woodcarving event July 17-20th

    This event invites carvers from across the county to create and reconstruct logs into beautiful pieces of art. A variety of food trucks, entertainment along with rock ’n’ rolling to Chainsaw and Choppers Friday night co-hosting with Harley Davidson.

  • In Fort Lupton, smart and hardworking dogs are trained to serve the K-9 police units and military. Damian Perez works for the Westminster Police Department as handler and master trainer for the K-9 unit. He trains their dogs as part of his job. Damian has been training dogs for nine years and handling for 15 years.

  • By Liam Adams

    Staff writer

    This one is called Kohlrabi, he explained, as he pulled out a green, rounded, root vegetable fortified by a spiky shell. Most people around here don’t know what it is, so only a minority will come to purchase the German turnip, said José Gutiérrez, a long-time farmer at Palizzi’s Farm.

    Kohlrabi isn’t the only rare vegetable they grow there. They also have okra for the Southerners and specialty peppers for the Italians.

  • Bailey Elora, 19, who has family ties to Fort Lupton, was among the acts at the 2019 Westword Music Showcase in Denver June 29.

    The newspaper held a public vote for nominations for the best local singer-songwriter, which is how she earned the spot to perform.

    Elora performed at the 100 percent de Agave stage in downtown Denver, just south of the state Capitol. Elora’s three other band members performing in harmony were Freddy Zamora, Isaac Zamora and Jeff Orwiller. These guys added a blend of acoustic guitar, bass guitar and a Latin percussion bongo Cajon.

  • Fort Lupton’s Rachel Oliver earned a spot on the spring semester dean’s list at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois.

    She was among more than 1,000 students who earned a minimum grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

  • Southwestern Weld County is ready to celebrate the nation’s birthday July 4.

    Fort Lupton’s party starts at noon at Community Center Park, 203 S. Harrison Ave.It features a kid’s zone, a pony carousel, a petting zoo, a water slide, varriage rides and a 2 p.m. Ninja Nation competition.

    At 2 p.m., the beer garden opens. At 5 p.m., it’s time for a barbecue, followed by a 7 p.m.tribute to the nation’s veterans.

    Live music, courtesy of the 101 Army Rock Band, starts at 7:30 p.m.

  • More than 50 people lined up to receive food assistance from the Weld County Mobile Food Bank at the Fort Lupton Recreation Center June 20.

    “I’ve been working for the Weld County Food Bank since 2013. I knew this was what I was supposed to do. I’m in charge of the mobile food truck and its food distribution at the locations. Also, I organize the volunteers and process the food count to make sure everyone gets food. It makes me feel good to help people,” said Ruben Roque, manager.