Community News

  • Diversity council focuses on equality in the work place

     “I started out as a very afraid white guy, the word ‘equity’ and the word ‘inclusivity,’ the word ‘power’ and the words that ‘we are born with ‘privilege.’ It scares the white man. It makes it sound like people are trying to take you down,“ said Roger Fink, one of the speakers at the May 30 Diversity in the Workplace Summit.

  • Off the Warriors go to their new chapters in life

    FREDERICK -- Before the 194 members of the class of 2019 could receive diplomas from Frederick High School May 25, there were a couple of orders of business to tend to.

    The class members had to switch their tassels. And they listened to some words of advice before they left their school for the last time.

    The salutatorian, Kaitlyn Howell, found a description for all of her classmates.

  • Fort Lupton’s Trapper Days festival is almost upon us

    By Christian Chacon

    Metrowest correspondent

    From Sept. 6 through Sept. 8, downtown Fort Lupton will celebrate its annual summer festival, Trapper Days. This event, originally called Tomato Day, has been ongoing for more than 100 years, with a brief hiatus during WWII.

  • Council has three vacancies to fill in November

    The city of Fort Lupton council is looking for candidates to fill three seats for the Nov. 5 election.

    The open seats are for Ward I, Ward II, and Ward III.

    The present occupants are David Crespin Ward 1, Chris Ceretto Ward II and Michael Long Ward III.

    Crespin was the youngest councilman to serve in Fort Lupton’s history. He was appointed the seat when was 18 years old in 2014.

  • Passing roots of agriculture to youths

    By Belen Ward

    Staff writer

       The BarnBrats and the Good Luck 4-H clubs are getting ready for the Adams County Fair to showcase agriculture, livestock, crafts, science and an old-fashioned pie making contest. This year’s fair starts Wednesday, July 31, at the Adams County Fairgrounds, 9755 Henderson Road.

  • The Masked Bandit Aug. 17

     Discussion about black-footed ferrets, the so-called “masked bandits” of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Refuge Center, 6550 Gateway Road, Commerce City, will run from 10 to 10:45 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 17. Discover how this species came back from the brink of extinction and why ferrets wound up at the refuge center in the first place. Call 303-289-0930.


  • Mosquito control program starts mid-September

    Fort Lupton’s public works department started its mosquito control program. Contractor VDCI will spray Thursdays from 6 to 11 p.m., except on rainy or windy days. The chemical is Aqua-Kontrol 30-30 Concentrate, a water-based adulticide. Spraying continues through mid-September. Those who don’t want their areas sprayed can call 720-466-6112.




  • Space travel isn’t as far off as you might think

    The Colorado Air and Spaceport in Watkins will be steps closer to reaching the stars and changing the face of passenger travel.

    PD AeroSpace from Japan wants to operate its spaceplane “Pegasus” from the Colorado spaceport.

    Dave Ruppel, the Colorado Air and Spaceport director, gave a presentation on the spaceport updates at the summer showcase event at the Wings Over the Rockies July 30. Part of the program included a discussion on the future of passenger space travel.

  • New Fort Lupton Library set to break ground in 2020

    The Fort Lupton Public & School Library sought comments and heard from architects about a new library during a July 29 meeting at the recreation center.

    “The new site is located behind Safeway. It will cost $8.5 million and be paid from our current mill levy revenue. The new library would be for public use. The high-school library will be used only for the school. Separating the libraries will have better use for the public and the school,” said Sarah Frank, library director.

  • Weld county fair

    Before you can show at the Weld County Fair, you have to get the animal ready. That’s what 10-year-old Jazzy Blashingane of Fort Lupton is doing as she gets her Netherland rabbit ready for show. The process includes making sure that the rabbit has no lumps, no bumps and trimmed nails. Blashingane has been showing since she was 6. At this year’s fair, she showed two pigs and the rabbit.