Community News

  • Crash dramatization brings home lessons of drinking and driving

    It looked like a real-life car crash scene with severe life-threatening injuries, tears, death, emergency first responders and the morgue.

    It wasn’t.

    It was a dramatic mock scene accident for the benefit of students in front of Fort Lupton High School on Reynolds Street. The purpose was to bring to life the seriousness of driving while impaired or distracted.

  • Heritage Fair event showcases decades of history

    By Belen Ward

    Staff writer

    The Heritage Fair May 4 in Fort Lupton was an explosion of Civil War reenactments, artisans, history and education.

    Spectators witnessed a real re-enactment of a Civil War fight between the redcoats, the British loyalists, and colonists who were the militia continental line that worked for the U.S. Congress to the convince the British to give up their independence.

  • Old wiring to blame for church fire in downtown Frederick

    Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District investigators said the May 7 fire at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church was the result of the age of the wiring in the building.

    The church is uninhabitable, according to investigators. As a result, the church moved Mass to the church’s parish hall for the time being. Fire code allows a total of 99 people in the hall. Those who come after the hall fills up will have to attend another service. The fire code also prevents people from standing in the back of the hall.

  • City adds new fire station, a new ambulance and helicopter

     By Belen Ward

    Staff writer

    The Fort Lupton Fire District’s 2018 annual report highlights things to improve service and a decrease in incidents reports compared to the previous year.

  • Arbor Day Celebration

    The tree of life was planted at Fort Lupton Recreation Center in celebration of the city’s recognition of Arbor Day.

    Boyd Lebeda with the Colorado State Forestry Service and Tree City USA Day Foundation presented the honor and recognition to the city officials for 11 years of planting trees around the city to build greener communities.

  • Take a trip back in time at Fort Lupton’s 2019 Heritage Fair

    By Belen Ward

    Staff Writer

    Spend the day back time drinking and eating with Vikings and traveling up through the 1800s at the 13th annual Heritage Fair Saturday, May 4, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    The location is northeast side of Fort Lupton at the Historical Park one-fourth of mile west of U.S. Highway 85, and off of Weld County Road 14 ½.

  • Solar system and beyond; Butler students shoot for the stars

       By Belen Ward

       Staff writer

    “We’re as different as day and night” the third-grade students sang in the “Space Out” musical at Butler Elementary School April 9.

  • Weld County Schools: Good planning kept students safe

    Belen Ward

    Staff writer

    Weld Re-8 School District Superintendent Alan Kayor talked about what led up to the events of April 17 when area schools were closed because of what authorities called “credible threats.”

    Sol Pais, 18, of Miami Beach, Florida, made the threats that involved Columbine High School. Pais flew into Denver, purchased a weapon and ammunition. But authorities didn’t know where she was.

  • Thirst for Life

    Fort Lupton High School students Amberlea Crowe and Jimmy Roedel III discuss vampires in the school’s spring musical, “A Thirst for Life” April 18. Crowe played the character of Felicia while Roedel played Eryck, Felicia’s son. Felicia confessed to Eryck that they are vampires, and Eryck was shocked to find about his family heritage of vampires. Later in the performance, there was a dialogue about rules to become a vampire.

  • Fort Lupton Community Garden

    If you’re thinking of growing your own fresh vegetables but don’t have the space, the Fort Lupton Community Garden can help.

    It’s at 438 Harrison Ave. Several raised beds of various sizes are available. Contact Ken Harmett at 303-957-6878 or email theplacegarden@gmail.com.