Rachel Monroe takes helm at Chamber of Commerce

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FORT LUPTON — The new executive director of the Fort Lupton Chamber of Commerce said her years of experience working in membership organizations makes her a perfect fit for her new position, which she suspects will grow in the years to come.


Brighton resident and Metro State University of Denver graduate Rachel Monroe took over as the Fort Lupton Chamber of Commerce’s newest executive director Tuesday, May 27,  and brings nearly two decades of experience with her, including nearly 15 years with the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (CLTA) and an additional two years working for Rocky Mountain PBS.

Monroe said the Fort Lupton Chamber’s approximately 77 members is a far cry from the more than 1,100 members she once managed with the CLTA, but said she sees the chamber’s membership growing in the immediate future.

“What intrigued me most about this position is – I don’t want to say they were struggling, but I know they want to be stronger,” Monroe said in an interview at the Chamber office May 29. “They have an idea of the chamber they want to be, and with all the years experience I have, I just have a lot of ideas that I think can help them.”

For starters, Mornoe said she wants to grow the chamber’s digital presence by building on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Monroe said she’d also like to see the chamber’s monthly newsletter turn into a weekly one, or at the very least, biweekly. She said both strategies are all about engaging existing members and piquing the interest of new ones.

“At the CLTA, I managed a membership program that had about 1,100 to 1,200 members, so I was constantly having to find new ways to recruit new members, retain old ones and engage the members overall,” she added. “And I just don’t think those things are being done as well as the (Fort Lupton Chamber of Commerce board of directors) would like right now.”

Monroe said another top priority is growing the chamber’s membership to closer to 200 members, something she thinks is easily feasible in an area with a bustling job market, increasing oil and gas industry presence and more and more ancillary businesses providing services for those bigger industries.

“(Fort Lupton) certainly has a large oil and gas presence,” Monroe said. “And from what I can tell, there are certainly some businesses we need to look into. 

“When I went to my first membership luncheon about two weeks ago there were quite a few reps from oil and gas companies I didn’t even know existed,” she added. “You always hear about Halliburton and big companies like that, but there are a lot of other little ones floating around here, too.”

Monroe said, at that same luncheon, Fort Lupton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors President Kristel Acre, an agent with Keller Williams 1st Realty, cited real estate blogger Natalie Grigson’s recent list of the Top 10 Best Places to Live in Colorado: Fort Lupton was No. 8 on the list.

In that blog, written in January, Grigson says Fort Lupton made the list because of its “impressively low cost of living, low sales tax and low employment rate.” Monroe said, for all those same reasons, she believes Fort Lupton is a great place for new businesses to set up shop and for old businesses to branch out or relocate.

“I think Fort Lupton is growing and more people are going to be coming in, and I think the chamber can help facilitate (those new businesses),” Monroe said. “And like I said, where I came from, I was used to having my hands full, so I’m actually looking forward to growing.”


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