One man's thoughts on Dave Logan's firing

It's been fascinating to see the blood letting about last week's dismissal of Dave Logan as the football coach at Mullen High School.

You'd think it was a college coach who'd been let go from one of the best-known programs in the area.

Which leads me to bring up a point yet to be brought up during the yelping and other forms of screaming.

Academic accountability.

People are citing chapter and verse about what a wonderful role model Logan was and what a great coach he was (his record speaks for itself). But because Logan has his fingers in a lot of pies (KOA Radio, the radio voice of the Denver Broncos and being a pitchman for a lot of products on radio and TV), it's nearly impossible for him to keep tabs on whether his football players are going to class and getting the education for which their parents are paying handsome sums of money.

As hard as it is for the Mullen faithful to believe -- or perhaps understand -- academics come first at most schools, not on-the-field success. It would appear the new administration is trying to do just that.

What's so wrong with that?