Lots of questions

Did last night's news about the city of Fort Lupton considering moving its police services to the Weld County Sheriff's Office supris you? Me too. In fact, I've still got lots of questions rattling around in my head this morning. Here's a few:

• Will the city be able to maintain the same level of service to its residents through the Weld Sheriff?

• How much will the city save? How much will they still have to pay?

• Have we exhausted all other budgetary cutting efforts in coming to this decision?

• Would the Fort Lupton portion of the Weld Sheriff's Office maintain any autonomy in this move. Would all the police cruisers be covered over with Weld Sheriff. Would officers wear Weld Sheriff's uniforms?

•  Has anyone else around here tried this? Did it work.

I'm sure you have questions too. I guess we'll see each other next Thursday at town hall or, probably, the middle school. It should be a lively discussion.