Lost dogs have a forever safe place to go in Fort Lupton

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By Belen Ward

The Fort Lupton Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Aug. 15 at the Fureverdog Rescue and Boarding. The rescue is a non-profit no kill shelter.

Debbie Linder owns the business and spearheaded the effort to bring it to town.

“There was a need in the area for a rescue to take in all of the strays. We started four years ago when we lived in Commerce City, and it wasn’t working,” she said. “

The neighbors did not like us there because it was too close.”

Linder started looking for property in Fort Lupton and eventually found the perfect home for the dogs. The dogs are raised in a home setting with a large yard to play instead of a large facility. It’s an environment where the dogs will receive plenty of attention and love until they find a family.

Rick Martinez lives at the rescue and helps Linder care for the dogs when off work from his other job.

“I care for all the dogs. We want to make sure they do not get hurt and keep them until they find a safe home,” he said. “A lot of people abuse them, so we supply them with a home here until they are adopted.

Most of the rescued dogs are from Fort Lupton. They also have a contract with Keenesburg to take in strays. Linder said a lot of dogs get dumped close to the property. Also, they take in dogs from southeast Colorado.

“The older dogs and big dogs are the hardest to adopt. We had one live here for four years. The only time we put them down is when they are really sick,” said Linder.

In addition to accepting surrender dogs and those in lost and found, the rescue offers boarding. The cost for the first dog is $20 a day and $10 a day for a second dog in the same family.

“I felt there was a need for a home for these dogs, besides a big facility. I love spending time with them, especially when they are puppies. I get a lot of work done, then I play with puppies,” Linder said.

Fureverdog Rescue & Boarding is at 7804 Woodruff St. Fort Lupton.

For more information on adopting, donating or boarding, contact Debbie at 720-588-6809 or email fureverdog@hotmail.com.

To view dogs that are available for adoption, visit fureverdogdenver.com