LETTER: Thanks for making the Old Fashioned Christmas Party a success this year

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The South Platte Valley Historical Society held an “Old Fashioned Christmas Party” for the members in the Rendezvous Room at the Fort.

The Fort was decorated with handmade, old-fashioned decorations adorning several fresh-cut trees and greens donated by Dana Counter. As the guests entered the courtyard they walked down a curved path of luminaries. Displays of Nativity scenes from Sue Hubert and a sleigh and sled collection from Jan Brown were enjoyed by the members.

Musical entertainment was provided by Bill Taylor and Preethi Burkholder. The comedy skits were presented by Jim Barrington and Bernie Kendall.

The guests enjoyed an array of appetizers, punch and hot beverages. This was followed by three varities of hot soup, crackers and condiments. The soups were made by John Everson, Penny Rankin and Nona Schaefer. Many varieties of holiday cookies were served for dessert.

Following the meal, Christmas games with audience participation were enjoyed by all. Every attendee was given a program with a ticket for a drawing for poinsettias. Every family received a bagged gift handed out by Santa (Mike Willis). Santa was seated in a beautifully restored sleigh, finished by the Thom Brothers of Wisconsin. Each gift bag held an herb bouqet from the Donnelson herb garden (assembled by Penny Rankin and family), candy items and hand-crafted wood ornaments made by Bill Taylor, Ron Brown and Penny Rankin.

The committee organizing the event consisted of John Everson, Ron and Jan Brown, Nona Schaefer, Bob Warner and Penny Rankin. Additional helpers were Jim Talbert, Inez and Doris Sawdey, Rosalie Everson and Barb Kirkmeyer.

We sincerely thank all those who donated the food items, decorations and their time in setting up and cleaning up, and the many who attended.