LETTER: Sad to see Payler go

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Disappointment is not a strong enough word to emphasize the feelings about Mark Payler leaving Weld Re-8 Schools. I cannot believe that the Fort Lupton community would allow this to happen. Mr. Payler has made such a strong commitment to the Fort Lupton community, the school district, and most of all, the students of Fort Lupton.

Has anyone thought about how this will the affect the work being done with the University of Virginia to improve the schools, and help the students be successful in their education? Did anyone think about the fact that maybe the University of Virginia required the curriculum change?

Once again the “Concerned Citizens” cult has reared their ugly head. The leaders get an idea then find people to stir up, usually the information is very biased or inaccurate. The residents of Fort Lupton are more intelligent than this but they choose to believe these individuals.

Fort Lupton High School lost a strong principal because this group screamed discrimination against Hispanics. This individual had expectations for staff and students. Some didn’t like that, or do what they needed to do.

One of the leaders of this group is a retired elementary principal. Maybe someone should ask them, how many students could read when they left that building, or how many Spanish-speaking students could speak any English. The other leader is a retired school board member.

People would assume they knew what they were talking about. The retired board member spent a lot of years on the board instigating and agitating.

The students of Weld Re8 deserve the best education. This may be the only education they receive. The constant turmoil and change is not productive to move the schools forward.

Education cannot stay like it was even 15 years ago.

All that is asked is that the parents of Fort Lupton find out all the facts and make a decision based on the facts. There are always many sides to an issue.

Mary Beth Meier

Retired Weld Re8 employee