LETTER: Pearson Park access could benefit from help from Branding Iron

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Pearson Park is looking good, thanks to the generous contributions of local companies Anadarko, Purifoy, Tote-A-Shed, Halliburton, A&W Water and, of course, the City of Fort Lupton.

The city has been working diligently to secure land to connect a trail from Pearson Park to The Fort — and, thanks to cooperation between the city and CDOT, soon there will be significant improvements to the Pearson Park parking lot and the eyesore on the east side of the new bridge leading to Pearson Park.

Thanks to the intersection improvements in town, residents of Fort Lupton can safely walk to many of our local businesses and parks except one: Pearson Park. Try crossing the north entrance to State Highway 85 from First Street (actually, I wouldn’t recommend it) and you will see how terribly unsafe it is. I’ve done this with my son on a few occasions and would never let him do it alone. You can’t see cars making a right turn until they are turning. The intersection is a tragedy waiting to happen.

I approached the city more than a year ago about improving the safety at that intersection and was told the Branding Iron will not negotiate with them in good faith concerning plans to redo the intersection to improve safety and provide a more aesthetic greeting to our city from those exiting State Highway 85 from the south. Apparently, the sticking point is that the Branding Iron will not allow the closure of its access on First Street. They might have a point if they didn’t have another access a few feet to the east, Grand Avenue. I have patronized the Branding Iron for their good food and not for the extra access to their parking lot.

The demand to maintain an unsafe access by the Branding Iron is unreasonable, is hindering the progress made by the city so far to improve safety, and is keeping the city from beautifying one of our busiest entrances. The Branding Iron is the first impression many have of Fort Lupton. It’s time for them to return to being the good neighbor they have historically been and do what they can to help the city make a safe passage to Pearson Park.

Mike Simone

Fort Lupton