High Plains Library board opposes Proposition 112

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 The High Plains Library District Board of Trustees signed a resolution unanimously opposing Proposition 112. 

Proposition 112 mandates a minimum distance for new oil, gas and fracking projects.

“The Board’s stance against 112 is directly correlated to the substantial negative impact its passage would have on the district’s ability to operate,” said Executive Director Matthew Hortt in a press statement.

The High Plains Library District said it and the patrons it serves have benefited greatly from the presence of oil and gas in Weld County. In 2019, oil and gas assessed value accounts for 57.6 percent of the district’s net total taxable assessed valuation within Weld County. 

The board said passing Proposition 112 would have a detrimental effect on the district’s funding and, subsequently, the  services that the High Plains Library District provides to the communities it serves.

Officials said there was no disagreement among the seven-member board, which includes representatives from all of Weld County. For more information, and to read the resolution in its entirety, visit www.MyLibrary.us.