Fort Lupton conducts survey to preserve its history

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By Belen Ward

The Fort Lupton Historic Preservation Board received a grant award for $21,000 to help document Fort Lupton’s history.

The Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation awarded the money through a certified local government subgrant program, according to a press release.

A match by the city is not required.

“The survey is used to document the historic resources we have in the city. This is helpful when I have someone come in who wants to know about the history of their property and also gives us a jump start on the designation process, if a property owner is interested,” said Fort Lupton planner Alyssa Knutson.

Fort Lupton Historic Preservation will use the grant to complete its Phase II of the survey and study the residences that have historical history and value within Fort Lupton. The sections selected for the historical survey will be along South Park Avenue and South Denver Avenue in the Reynolds Subdivision and the Reynolds Second Subdivision.

The historical survey will not be conducted until the preservation board holds its open house to discuss which houses to select and to gather information about this project or questions. The open house will be at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 5, at Fort Lupton City Hall, 130 S. McKinley Ave. Soon after the meeting, it will conduct the surveys.

History Colorado oversees the U.S. Department of Interiors Historic Preservation Fund Programs in cooperation with the National Park Service and Office the U.S. Department of Interior.