Curb painting brings diverse groups together for Fort Lupton community

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By Ben Wiebesiek

    FORT LUPTON — The idea of a “Curb Painting Party” might sound like a page out of Tom Sawyer’s book, but for the groups gathered Saturday along Denver Avenue, the smiles were as bright as the fresh coat of paint on the downtown sidewalks.


    City planner Amy Wilson created the event to help beautify Fort Lupton and encourage community involvement after she heard the suggestion from the city’s planning committee.

    “It was designed to help revamp the downtown area. The curbs had not been painted in a while,” Wilson said. “I got the proper permitting from [the Colorado Department of Transportation], and I got together with the police chief to get the word out.”

    Fort Lupton Police Chief Kenneth Poncelow helped get the word out to recruit painters.

    The Colorado Mounted Rangers assisted the police with traffic control, and Poncelow contacted the new C4 Event Center, which provided painters for the event.

    Danny Salcido, the self-described “best dancer” at C4, said the event was a good way for the studio to introduce itself to the community.

    “We just wanted to show that the dance club can have a positive effect on the town,” Salcido said. “We’re not just here to fool around, but to better the community.”

    The event was billed as the “first annual” Fort Lupton Curb Painting Party, and Wilson said she’d like it to become a regular gathering for the community.

    “Public works has been a huge help throughout,” Wilson said. “I think this can become a regular event for the city.”

    City staff also turned out to volunteer for the event, along with several members of city council.

    City councilman Kevin Schwickrath brought his wife and three sons with him to help paint the curbs.

    “I’m really excited about the turnout,” Schwickrath said. “We really wanted to make sure that the whole community comes together and has a good time.”

    The city provided the paint, tools and reflective gear in addition to the lunch that was served to the volunteers who painted from 9 a.m. to noon.
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