Boys volleyball comes to Fort Lupton High School

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 By Adriana Lira

MetroWest intern

For the first time in Fort Lupton High School history, there is a pilot boys volleyball team. 

A couple of high-school boys reached out to athletic director Jim Roedel, showing interest in a boys volleyball team. Roedel then contacted Cindy Seiler, who coaches the Bluedevils’ girls team in the fall.

Seiler is the boys head coach with volunteer coaches Tylynn Nelson and Heather Gibbs. Seiler said it was a tough time trying to start a team with all winter sports in full action, but they managed to put a team together.

FLHS boys volleyball started open gyms in January. There are 57 teams in the class 3A division, and in the North League,e there are 14. Through the end of last week, the FLHS boys volleyball team’s overall record was 8-3 with two games left on the schedule.

It is still unclear what the future holds for the FLHS boys volleyball team. The Colorado High School Activities Association has to vote to sanction the boys volleyball team. 

“I was interested in being in a pilot program. I saw how much love and dedication the coaches have for the sport. I saw an opportunity to grow in the sport and in myself,” said Pablo Navarro.

As for Jimmy Lee, he feels that being a student-athlete is a good way to keep his grades up because it motivates him.

“It’s a good feeling to play with the school,” he said. 

Many students have expressed interest in the boys volleyball program, and many of them would join the team if it officially became part of the sports offered at FLHS. Senior Angel Ortiz would be interested in joining the boys volleyball team if he was still attending FLHS in the next years. 

“The sport is really fun. It’s been really fun so far. It’s a good start to the program,” he said. 

“Our hopes for these gentlemen started out very differently than where they are now. The roster we settled on has an impeccable work ethic and a desire to learn.  They have learned so much in a short amount of time.  Our hopes are to develop a team now and for the future.  We have a young team and would love to make it to regionals in our first year in competition and then battle at state playoffs,” Seiler said.