• FIRESTONE — Hope springs eternal for Donna Garnett, who is banking that the three sessions of Embracing Horses Spring Camp slated for March and April will lead more area youth to embrace equine interactions and the positive life behaviors horsemanship can help shape.

  • Brad McHargue, Film Critic

  •  By Brad McHargue, Film Critic

  • FORT LUPTON — On its snow-dusted surface, the Chill Denver program is about teaching snowboarding skills to underprivileged or inexperienced kids. 

    But the cold, hard truth is that snowboarding is really a metaphor for life: When you fall down, you’ve got to get back up and try again.

  • FIRESTONE — The Longs Peak Council of the Boys Scouts of America — which includes Carbon Valley’s Troop 98 of the Mountain View District — celebrated its 90th anniversary last year, and scouting as a whole will turn 105 years old this month. 

    And what a difference a century or so makes.

  • By Brad McHargue, Film Critic

    With time travel a hot Hollywood commodity, it was only a matter of time before someone obfuscated an intrinsically interesting premise with the found footage conceit — case in point: "Project Almanac," directed by Dean Israelite and written by first-timers Jason Harry Pagan and Andrew Deutschman.

  • By Brad McHargue, Film Critic

    Defying the odds in a month of mostly bad and forgettable films, director Kevin Macdonald’s submarine-set thriller “Black Sea” joins the ranks of Joe Carnahan’s “The Grey” as a January release that subverts expectations by actually being good, nay, great.

  • "A Most Violent Year," J.C. Chandor's final film in his Rich Folks Trilogy, is a markedly enjoyable ride until it starts to beat its message into the viewer like a Brooklyn hoodlum getting pistol-whipped on the cement.

  • WELD COUNTY — Whether or not Malikia Brown-Mullin winds up the next Miss America, there’s no denying she has already made the most of her family’s recent move to Weld County.

    Citing a desire to bring more attention to the county, the Greeley community, and the non-profit she works for, the 43-year-old wife and mother of five can now add the title of Beauty Queen to her résumé.

  • By Brad McHargue, Film Critic

  • By Brad McHargue, Film Critic

  • Great movies have their eyes on the prize from the start. “Selma” is no exception.

  • The awards season thrives on the promise of tidy yet dramatic works such as “The Imitation Game.”

  • DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT — The Denver Fantasy Flight program uses delightful sleight-of-hand tactics and wondrous holiday-themed distractions to convince unsuspecting youngsters they’ve landed at the North Pole for a one-on-one with the Big Man himself.

  • FORT LUPTON — Every year, we here at MetroWest Newspapers get a little help from the Post Office and the North Pole to share local children's wishlists they've sent off to jolly old Saint Nick. Here are many of those lists that we share:

    South Elementary

    Ms. Knoll’s first-grade class

    Dear Santa,

  • The Colorado-centric documentary “Touch the Wall,” which premiered at November’s Starz Denver Film Festival and opened this past week at the Sie FilmCenter in Denver, is a study in contrasts, if anything.

  • The trajectory of “Foxcatcher” seems inevitable, and director Bennett Miller doesn’t miss an opportunity to prepare viewers for what transpires between troubled millionaire John du Pont (Steve Carell) and the lives he manipulates.

  • By Brad McHargue, Film Critic

    “Horrible Bosses” worked for two reasons: First, the humor was mostly organic, born out of the main characters getting in too deep in something they had no business being involved in. Second, the incredible dynamic between the three leads formed an archetypal character playing off each of their strengths.

  • Many parents fondly recall their first holiday season as a mom and dad. While youngsters may not remember much about their first Thanksgiving dinner with family or where their first Christmas present was placed under the tree, parents tend to cherish such memories, making their first holidays with children in tow very memorable.