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  • Community connections

    FORT LUPTON — Aims Community College’s South Campus in Fort Lupton will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in October. And Aug. 14 will be the one-year anniversary of the ribbon cutting on the campus’ Platte Building, a sleek and modern structure adorning the eastern half of the tidy campus.

    But even with those milestone moments just around the corner, some administration staff got together July 8 and threw a little party because, well, just because.


  • State’s highest court orders Adams, Denver clerks to not issue same-sex marriage licenses

    DENVER — The quickly evolving legal battle over Colorado’s ban on same-sex marriage shifted again late last week as the Colorado Supreme Court ordered two county clerks not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


  • Sheriff recognizes concealed-carry milestone

    GREELEY — Weld County Sheriff John Cooke is pleased to announce that Jeanette Coleman, of Windsor, is the 10,000th concealed handgun permit holder for Weld County.


  • Morgan Vasquez named to 2014 16U Top Gun All-Americans

    FORT LUPTON — When the list of 16U Top Gun All-Americans was released, Morgan Vasquez found her name among its members.

    The award was based on a season that ran from early March through early July. That amounts to eight games a weekend, at a time, and more than 100 total games.

  • Work resumes cautiously at well under earthquake watch

    WELD COUNTY — Results determining whether injection wells are causing earthquakes in Weld County were inconclusive.

    Consequently, officials last week offered a compromise decision regarding the operation of a wastewater injection well near Greeley, temporarily shut down and investigated in late June following three separate cases of seismic activity within a month.

  • Fort Lupton officials hail success of Old-Fashioned Fourth of July

    FORT LUPTON — A July 9 town hall meeting comprising of about a half dozen Fort Lupton city officials turned impromptu celebration of a celebration as they discussed the successes of their inaugural Fourth of July event.

    There was plenty of praise to go around as officials discussed what they felt was a fine way to kick off a new Fourth of July tradition.

  • Crash closes southbound US 85

    FORT LUPTON -- A crash between a tanker truck and a dump truck closed the southbound lanes of U.S. Highway 85 at Weld County Road 14 1/2 July 17.

    it happened shortly after 2:30 p.m. No one was injured. But the crash caused the tanker to split and oil to start pouring into the street.


    Authorities were able to contain the area of the spill to the road. They've brought in absorbent pads to sop up the goo, but it will be quite a while before the mess is cleaned up.

  • City: All's well on new pad approval

    FORT LUPTON — Council members on July 7 approved a permit request to construct a pair of oil and gas well pads on the Burkhardt property near the intersection of Weld County Roads 31 and 14, north of Route 52 in Fort Lupton.


    The vote was made over the opposition of one neighbor who spoke on his concern for the potential of well water contamination.

  • Critics say questions over firing range plans about public safety, not gun policy

    FREDERICK — The proposal for a multi-purpose gun training and education center on 144 acres of land in Frederick is proving to be anything but a sure shot.

    Frederick officials are in the early stages of consideration of a new proposal for a 10,800-square-foot education center and 64,000-square-foot covered “SportsPlex,” touted by developers as a $10-million to $20-million investment that could serve as an economic boon for the town of about 9,000 residents.


  • Rulings on Colorado’s same-sex marriage ban open floodgates to new licenses in some counties

    BRIGHTON — The legal war over same-sex marriage in Colorado saw another decision against the law as it stands Wednesday, July 9, as an Adams County judge ruled the state’s ban unconstitutional.