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  • Missing man turns up safe

    Frederick police announced they found a missing 61-year-old man.

    Steven Wedmore suffers from what Weld County authorities called "serious medical issues." Authorities found him about 40 minutes after a countywide Code Red call.

    There were no details on Widmore's disappearance or how authorities were able to find him.

  • Brannan Gravel pit seeks city annexation

    Brannan Sand and Gravel Co. wants to annex most of its operation at 13600 Weld County Road 8 into the city to gain access to Fort Lupton sewer and water lines and to emergency services. The Denver company wants to annex 158 acres of its 200-acre plot into the city. The company has used the "Pit 28" area for sand and gravel production since June 2017.
    The only part of "Pit 28" currently in city boundaries is its access road leading from Weld County Road 8. The area was part of city land previous to the pit development.

  • Frederick police search for missing person

    Frederick police are trying to find 61-year-old Steven Wedmore. He suffers from serious medical issues.

    A Code Red call indicated Wedmore is 5 feet 11 inches tall with brown eyes and brown hair. He was last seen wearing a navy blue Denver Broncos jacket and blue jeans.

    If you see him, call 720-652-4222.

  • Middle schoolers learn survival techniques

    Middle schoolers learn

    survival techniques

    Fort Lupton Middle School sixth-graders who learned survival techniques are now ready for whatever nature may throw at them.

    U.S. Army soldiers recently taught the students how to tie knots, how to pack a backpack when going into the woods, and what ready-to-eat meals taste like.

    The session came as the students read “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen, a survival story about a 13-year-old.


  • Fornof retires from city clerk job

    Longtime city clerk Nanette Fornof is stepping down from her post, but she won’t be far away.

    Fornof will continue to work with the city twice a week on special projects and to provide extra help. Planning technician Mari Pena will take over Fornof’s city clerk duties.

    It was easy to see the impact Fornof has made on the city at a farewell for her at a city council meeting Monday, Feb. 5.

  • Fort Lupton to pay outside marketer up to $30,500 a year

    Fort Lupton officials will hire an outside marketing person to create a communications plan to promote the city.

    “There’s a lot of different areas of things going on. It provides a unified front to get a common message out,” said Christopher Cross, assistant city administrator.

  • Get a free radon kit from Weld County offices

    Weld County offers

    free radon test kits

    Weld County residents can get free radon test kits from the county’s Department of Public Health and Environment while supplies last.

    Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. An estimated 46 percent of Colorado homes have radon levels in excess of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards.

    Radon is an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas that comes from uranium decay. It can be found in soil and water.

  • Residents worried about plans to close access to U.S. 85

    Planned U.S. 85 improvement project 

    $126 million: Estimated cost of a 75-mile upgrade to U.S. 85

    $54 million: Estimated cost of a new 120th Avenue interchange in Henderson

    $39 million: A possible federal grant for the 120th Avenue interchange

    $12 million: Possible other federal contributions

    $17 million: Planned Adams County contributions

    $0: Planned Weld County contributions

    $5 million: Planned Union Pacific Railroad contributions

  • Michael Long joins city council

    New city council member Michael Long said he wants to develop better connections

    between community members and city officials through social media.

    Long said he also plans to improve community engagement and to make sure resident

    questions and complaints are addressed by the city council that he sees raised on

    Nextdoor, a private, online social media network.

  • Beckhoffs still in sewage dispute -- and now with more sewage

    Trouble is back for Billy and Breanne Beckhoff.

    After a 300-gallon water sewer block caused $12,436 in damage to their basement at 120 Ninth St. in November, a second blockage brought even more water to their basement New Year’s weekend.

    A plumber left a cable while trying to free the first build-up. That caused the newest blockage.

    “After the second time this happened, I don’t care if I’m left with have an unfinished basement. I’ll do it again myself,” said Billy Beckhoff.