Community News

  • Fort Lupton Fire Department receives $1.4 million upgrade

    A recent $1.4 million upgrade has improved morale at the Fort Lupton Fire Department office, 1121 Denver Ave., according to the chief.

    “It’s really improved the attitude of all the staff working in the office,” said Chief Phil Tiffany, who has worked at the department 30 years.

    Workers get so much more done these days, said Allyson Tkadlec, the fire department’s executive secretary.

    “It makes everything so much more productive,” Tkadlec said.

  • Lupton Green pops up over Trapper Days weekend

    A pop up park filled with games, books, and plants took the place of normally dusty, gravel parking lot at 130 Denver Ave. over Trapper Days weekend. The park known as Lupton Green, is a city-run concept funded by donations from a number of local organizations.

    "It’s a tactic being used all around the country for these vacant spaces, typically for cars, to be turned into green spaces and parks. It’s really something to bring people together,” said Fort Lupton City Planner Alyssa Knutson.

  • Proposed spray park makes a splash among residents

    Fort Lupton officials want resident input for a proposed outdoor “spray park” at the recreation center at 203 South Harrison Ave.

    More than 200 people filled out an online survey about what they wanted at the park at the city’s website: fortlupton.org, said Christopher Cross, assistant city administrator.

    The survey asks residents to rate how much they want a new water park, how often they think they would visit, and what features they’d like it to have.

  • Father Wojcik helps area homeless people

    Fort Lupton Catholic priest Grzegorz Wojcik comes from Poland, just like former Pope John Paul II.

    The priest likes to focus on helping people – especially the homeless people he comes in contact with through his work at Saint Williams Catholic Church at 1025 Fulton Ave.

  • Frederick recall forum highlights three different agendas

    Candidates for a special recall election in Frederick sparred with each other in a forum at Coal Creek Middle School in Firestone Tuesday, Aug. 15.

    Candidates talked about a Sonic drive-in restaurant development plan, a four-story senior apartment near Tipple Parkway that could violate the town's height requirement, budgeting and spending and a number of other community related issues.

  • Weld County temporarily closes Dacono waste facility

    The South Household Hazardous Waste disposal facility in Dacono could remain closed for three months, after a water line break left it unsafe, according to Weld County officials.

    The facility remained open for about a month without water, before Weld County officials decided it “is not safe for employees to handle and process hazardous materials without a source of running water,” according to a press release.

  • 4-H teaching Iliyah Watkins how to manage time, lead

    Iliyah Watkins said she has learned a thing or two about time management as she prepared for this year’s Weld County Fair.

    The incoming senior at Fort Lupton High School, took a whirlwind 12-day trip to Washington D.C. for 4-H, and a family vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada, immediately leading up to the start of the fair on Wednesday, July 26.

    “I was definitely restricted on time when I came back,” Watkins, 17, said with a smile.

  • PACT delivers new anti-smoking message

    To help raise awareness about the harm cigarettes cause, students in a Weld County youth group recently helped paint a mural with a message – smoking kills.

  • Local 4-H'er pays tribute to her family

    Life became a lot different for Megan Miller, 16, when her father nearly died in a car accident in 2014.

    “He’s now wheelchair bound and partially blind,” Miller said. “It’s a miracle that he’s still alive.”

  • Alana Ryley continues family 4H cooking tradition

    As she mixes Rice Krispies treat ingredients into a cement-thick glob, Alana Riley deftly maneuvers her wooden spoon with the experience of a baker many years her elder.

    “This is really sticky right now,” Riley said, giggling.

    Ryley, 12, is a new to 4-H, but has been cooking almost her entire life with supportive feedback she receives from her father, mother and grandmother, who, by the way started the great family tradition as a 4-H champion for her currant preserves.