Weld Re-8 appoints Troy Boscia for school board

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DACONO — The Weld Re-8 school board appointed Troy Boscia Dec. 9 to serve as the director of District A, which covers the rural southwest portion of the school district.

Boscia fills the vacancy of Cris Howard, who was term limited to run again.

The District A seat was not on this year’s coordinated election ballot because of a lack of candidates.

District A contains Quest Academy, which serves many of the gifted and talented students in the district. A new principal, Julie Garcia, took the reins at Quest this year.

To be eligible for appointment, a candidate must be a registered elector of the school district for at least twelve consecutive months prior to the date of appointment and must not have been convicted of a sexual offense against a child. 

The applicant must also be a resident of the Director District A, and Boscia is a resident in the Sweetgrass neighborhood near Quest Academy. 

To ensure applicants are qualified to serve on the board, all candidates will submit a sworn affidavit certifying their qualifications for office prior to being presented to the board for appointment an interview and consideration.