Semi wreaks havoc along First Street

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A rogue semi-truck took downtown Fort Lupton by storm Thursday, Oct. 19.



Marlyn Cheed, 54, lost consciousness for unknown health reasons while driving the Renewable Fiber

truck east on First Street, crashing into five street signs, a street light, and the North Range Behavioral

Health sign at 145 First St., according to Fort Lupton authorities.


Cheed, of Pueblo, apparently lost her ability to control the vehicle as she turned right onto First Street

from the southbound off-ramp from U.S. Highway 85. Authorities are investigating why Cheed lost

consciousness, according to Fort Lupton Police Chief John Fryar. She was sober at the time of the

accident, Fryar said.


The truck initially veered right, crashing into a small wall outside of Burger King, then altered its course,

travelling left into oncoming traffic on the north side of First Street. The truck finally came to a stop after

slamming into the North Range Behavioral Health sign. Cheed regained consciousness shortly after and

was transported by ambulance to Platte Valley Medical Center, police said.


The truck was not carrying much weight at the time of accident, Fryar said.


“If she was really loaded, she would’ve done some serious damage,” said Fryar.


The truck did not strike any other vehicle. No charges will be assessed, Fryar said. Police also are

analyzing outdoor video surveillance provided by Cork n’ Cap at 115 First St.