Second best

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Johns runner-up in state 3A high jump; misses FLHS record by 1 1/2 inches

By Steve Smith

    LAKEWOOD — Fort Lupton’s Cicero Johns knows how to wrap up one’s high school track career.
    For openers, he was second in the state 3A high jump at Jeffco Stadium. His top height was 6 feet 5 inches, an inch and a half off the school record.
    “It feels good,” Johns said. “I didn’t break our school record, which was sad. I tried it at four different meets – 0-for-12 so far.”
    He took sixth in the triple jump, too. He qualified for the triple jump for the first time this year. Johns said his last effort in the triple jump was the best.
    “I worked it all the way through – all three phases,” Johns said. “I fell back at the end, or else I would have had a 42-footer. The way I landed. I slipped and fell on my butt. The momentum took me back, too. I stopped it in a decent time. At least I didn’t put my hands back. That would have made it real bad.
    “I did decent. I jumped a foot farther than I did last year,” he said.
    And to cap off his last state track meet in high school, Johns placed seventh in the 110-meter hurdles during the three-day meet at Jeffco Stadium. His preliminary run in the 110-meter hurdles Thursday was 15.78 seconds, sixth-fastest among the finalists.
    “The keys? I got across the finish line, got seventh place and medaled,” he joked. “I think that’s where I was clocked in when I came here. I wasn’t happy with the race. I hit so many of the hurdles. Usually, you’re not supposed to hit any. It’s what you get with no practice.”
    Johns was splitting his time between the hurdles and the high jump finals.
    “I couldn’t warm up for the hurdles,” he said. “I would still have liked to have practiced. I would have done better if I would have at least went over one. You need to stay flexible. Hurdles are about flexibility. Since I was warmed up for high jump, I felt like I would have been warm enough for hurdles. All I was missing was the technique to go over the hurdles — just a little part of it.”