School news from Weld Re-8

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By Mary Martin

The District Accountability Committee met Aug. 19, and the schools had news and announcements to share. One of our members is from Aims College and shared the last point as well.

Butler Elementary

    1. Third grade TCAP reading scores went up 10 points, from 59 percent Proficient/Advanced to 69 percent Proficient/Advanced, only 3 percentage points from the state results.
    2. All building staff  have been trained on our new bully-proofing curriculum.  Posters demonstrating the schools’ agreed-upon STOP signal along with picture cues for the other two steps WALK and TALK are posted throughout the building to serve as prompts to children. All staff will be implementing weekly lessons within the year as a proactive and educational approach to stop bullying.

Twombly Elementary

    1. Overall reading growth (cohort growth of third to fourth and fourth to fifth grades) exceeded the state median percentile of 50.  Twombly was at the 52nd percentile in growth for fourth grade and the 55th percentile in growth for fifth grade reading.
    2. Twombly is proud to announce that we are out of the “Priority Improvement” status with the state. We moved to “Improvement” status with this year’s TCAP results!

Quest Academy
    1. We have a new principal, Julie Garcia, who was our district’s GT and AVID coordinator before we were lucky enough to have her come to Quest!
    2. We showed tremendous growth on our TCAP scores with 100 percent of our fifth and seventh graders scoring proficient or advanced in math, and the median growth percentile for sixth grade reading was 86, and the median growth percentile was 88 in eighth grade writing.

Fort Lupton
Middle School

    1. The average median growth percentile in math on the 2013 TCAP went from the 37th percentile to the 62nd percentile.
    2. From the Colorado Department of Education’s status rating, Fort Lupton Middle School went from “Improvement” to “Performance,” which is signified by the color green and is the highest status rating for the state.

Fort Lupton
High School

    1. We welcome our new principal, Alan Kaylor, who has made a tremendously positive start with our staff. Students are also off to a great school year and have been responding well to the positive changes we have made to the dress code, hallway behavior during passing periods, as well as new consistent protocols for entering the building in the mornings, and at lunch time.
    2. 10th grade reading TCAP scores increased 16 percentage points for proficient or advanced, from 46 percent to 62 percent.

Aims Community

    Aims celebrated the ribbon cutting for their new building, making the Fort Lupton site a true “campus.”  Visitors are welcome to tour the campus. While other local institutions of higher learning are realizing a drop in enrollment, Aims Community College in Fort Lupton has a 16-percent increase from last year.