Historic Fort Lupton gets some recognition from DiscoverWeld

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By Ben Wiebesiek

GREELEY — A new website created by the county commissioners highlights the historic Fort Lupton this month with a video and an article about the site.
    Weld County spokeswoman Jennifer Finch said Discover Weld (www.DiscoverWeld.com) was designed to promote the unique places and people in the county.
    “Discover Weld launched earlier this spring under the direction of county commissioners who wanted to focus on all the great things going on in Weld County and promote the region, things to do, the people who are here, economic development,” Finch said.
    This month, Discover Weld was highlighting the four fur trading posts that were originally in Weld County: Fort Lupton, Fort Vasquez, Fort St. Vrain and Fort Jackson. All four forts were located on what is known as Trapper’s Trail, which followed the South Platte River. At these forts, furs and buffalo robes were traded for blankets, beads and other ‘Western’ items. While all four forts were eventually abandoned, visitors can still get a sense of what life was like in Weld County in the 1830s by visiting these historic sites.
    “We’ve been trying to update that site regularly, and in October, we’re featuring the forts of Weld County,” Finch said. “We have a video on Fort Vasquez and on Fort Lupton, and a short write up on Fort St. Vrain.”
    Finch said the website was for people who live inside or outside the county.
    “The purpose of the Discover Weld website is to promote Weld County and all the great things that are going on right here. And right now we’re focusing on events, such as the farmers markets, the museum such as the forts,” Finch said. “That will broaden out into our communities; there’s a section on there for Weld communities. It’s really a place for people who live in Weld County to further explore their county. It’s surprising; there’s a lot of things going on in this county that a lot of people don’t really realize all the things going on.”
    Finch said the public was encouraged to submit stories and photos of Weld County to info@discoverweld.com.
    “This website will hopefully provide the public with a platform to learn more about the county. Also, for the whole front range and the entire country, this website will help get the information out there about the things going on in Weld County,” Finch said. “So it’s really to promote our region.”
    Finch said Discover Weld has featured other aspects from the southern part of the county, such as the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg and the Vintage Aero Flying Museum near Hudson.
    “The site will continue to grow; it’s just me working on it right now,” Finch said. “I’m biting off small pieces of the elephant, and there’s a lot of great possibilities with this website. So we’re just going to keep building at it and keep expanding.”

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