Fort Lupton gathers uptick from Upstate

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By Gene Sears

Testament to its development as an economic powerhouse in northern Colorado, Fort Lupton garnered another award last week, this from the Upstate Colorado Economic Development Corp.
    Taking top honors at the corporation’s annual partners meeting, the city was named Community of the Year for 2013. Largely based on development in the area, the award also cited the speed and ease Fort Lupton offers opportunity to local businesses that choose the city for projects.
    “Fort Lupton was recognized for all the work, and groundwork, that they have laid both on the economic development front, and the success they have had, particularly with the oil and gas and energy in general,” Upstate’s CEO, Eric Berglund, explained.
    “It was based on feedback that we received from primary employers in the area, who talked about the ease of working with the community and the fact that they have really streamlined their process. The only thing that holds them back is whatever is mandated from a state statue, the city is not getting in the way, as long as there is good plans and specs.
    The result is an ability to meet the ‘speed to market’ demands of most operations, key to success especially in the emerging energy fields.
    “Halliburton has been a huge part of it, they have done a lot with Bach Composites,” Berglund said. “It begins with the traditional companies out there like Golden Aluminum, and continues with the new companies coming out there every day.”
    Industrial opportunity abounding, the city should experience a rising tide of service and support to accompany the boom, something that Berglund suggests is imminent.
    “I know that the city council is very dedicated to pursuing retail opportunities,” Berglund said. “I know they have dedicated staff to going after and calling on various different retailers, and I think they will see a lot of success there as well.”

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