Fort Lupton, CDOT moving ahead with park-and-ride plan

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Station would be west of Pearson Park

By Ben Wiebesiek

    FORT LUPTON — The Colorado Department of Transportation is moving forward on a planned Park and Ride facility at the west side of the city.
    Speaking to the Fort Lupton Chamber of Commerce Sept. 11, City Administrator Claud Hanes announced the news.
    “We’ve been working with CDOT on a what’s called the fast-track process for a Park-n-Ride due west of the ball fields at Pearson Park,” Hanes said.
    CDOT’s selection of the Fort Lupton project for “fast track” status is not affiliated with RTD’s FastTracks program in the Denver metro area.
    The process has taken a few years, Hanes said, but there are signs of progress.
    “They’re moving forward; they’ve acquired the land,” Hanes said.
    City Planner Todd Hodges said the process was not delayed by the city, which moved swiftly to process CDOT’s request through the annexation, zoning and site plan process.
    “Once we got a complete application, we got it through the process quickly,” Hodges said. “I still think we’re one of the fastest in the Front Range — within statutory limitations, obviously.”
    CDOT’s plans are up for approval by the planning commission Oct. 22. If it passes the planning commission, the plans would be up for final approval by city council Oct. 28.
    The Park-n-Ride facility would bring planned improvements to the entrance and parking area it would share with the city park.
    The closest current Park-n-Ride maintained by CDOT is in Firestone. RTD maintains a station in Brighton, which includes a route, the 145X, which originally ran to Fort Lupton. RTD discontinued the route in 2009.
    CDOT spokeswoman Ashley Mohr said the department conducted an environmental impact survey before selecting the Fort Lupton site.
    “There isn’t currently transit to the area, but we are planning ahead,” Mohr said. “The Fort Lupton site was selected because its location at the just west of the intersection of highways 85 and 52 services all directions, north, south, east and west.”
    She said the budget for the construction is projected at $2 million, but the job hasn’t gone to bid yet.
    “We actually have two Park-n-Rides planned for the 85 corridor,” Mohr said. “We also have one planned for Evans, and the two will go in the next year or so.”
    But she said CDOT was also inspecting both areas to assess the damage caused by recent floods.
    CDOT is planning to pave the Pierson parking lot and add more parking spaces on the Park-n-Ride side of the lot.
    Mohr said that on weekends, the parking lot could provide overflow spaces for the park, and during the weekdays, the combined lot would have more spaces for commuters.

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