District Accountability Committee Celebrations, February 2014

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The Weld RE-8 District Accountability Committee met on Feb. 3, 2014 and would like to share some celebrations from our schools with the Ft. Lupton Community.


Fort Lupton High

The High School recently brought back the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes & Students) who participated in the Celebration of Life ceremony for Stefanie Player. While they started on this sad note, we hope that the FCA will play an integral role in creating additional positive changes at the high achool.

Three of our High School students are Daniels’ Fund finalists. These students are Erik Hernandez, David Crespin, and Alexandro Segura. Students that become Daniels Scholars are chosen because they demonstrate exceptional character, ethics, and integrity, are driven to succeed, have strong leadership qualities, compassion for others, and are committed to give back to their communities. Congratulations to these three exceptional students.


Quest Academy

The Quest Gifted and Talented Program this year has something for every grade. The third- through fifth-graders are participating in “Odyssey of the  Mind,” and the sixhh- through eighth-graders are participating in “Mad Scientist” activities. Additionally, the Quest seventh-grade students took a joint field trip with the AVID and GT students from the middle school to visit the campus at CU Boulder on Feb. 5.

The second graders did a fabulous Wax Museum presentation of wildlife. The students dressed in various costumes (Such as tiger, boa constrictor, bat, etc.) and when a visitor pressed a button they came to life and told interesting facts about their lives.


Butler Elementary

Butler will host their first parent/child dance at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 13. Please bring your Butler students to enjoy the evening.

The fourth grade team held a poetry slam on Jan. 31. Each student read his or her own poetry to fellow classmates and parents who attended.


Fort Lupton
Middle School

The AVID Western Division visited the Middle School and is recommending that the school begin process in becoming an AVID National Demonstration School. They visited the classrooms and saw all the amazing strategies such as interactive notebooks, Cornell Notes, and the use of binders and planners by the students. Hats off to our staff and students for their hard work and showing how AVID is working in our Middle School. It looks like national recognition is on the horizon.

The Middle School has officially moved to the newly remodeled south side of the building and the students are now receiving a World Class education in World Class setting! Renovation will continue through summer of 2014, including all new windows and lockers.


Twombly Elementary

The Scholastic Book Fair held during the parent/teacher conferences was the second biggest ever! The fair raised nearly $6,000, and Mrs. Moser extends a big thank you to Sandra Rabas and her family for all their hard work during the fair.

Ninety-five percent of the Twombly parents participated in parent teacher conferences with their children’s teachers.