Construction at middle school shifting gears

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Students will move to new part of building next week

By Ben Wiebesiek

FORT LUPTON — Fort Lupton Middle School students will be moving from the north portion of the building to the newly renovated central portion of the middle school during the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. 



The central portion of the building has been substantially completed in terms of the remodeling and all systems are a “go” for the transition to take place over the holiday. Some portions of the central portion of the building will be completed over the summer and items such as the new window installation is included in that list of projects.

The construction and remodeling will now shift to the north side of the middle school building with similar renovations taking place during the next few months to upgrade the heating and cooling in that portion of the school.

Weld Re-8 District Superintendent Mark Payler said that parents are aware of the schedule for the improvements.

“The public, and our parents are aware,” Payler said. “A letter has gone out; and we’re having two less student days. I think next Thursday, our middle school students will be off, and the following Tuesday — we will also take Monday off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This is just because we’re moving students from the north side of the building to the central side, and our parents know that.”

The district reported that the state-of-the-art geothermal heating and air conditioning system was “fired up” this past week, and is working as expected. 

“All classrooms will now have individual heating and cooling controls with the football field providing the source of climate control for the entire building,” Payler said. “In addition, energy efficient LED lighting has been installed in the classrooms and hallways.”

  During spring break, construction will begin on the remodeling of the new entry to the building with the majority of that work to be completed during June and July. The middle school football field will also be returned to a usable playing field during the upcoming growing season and should be ready for a return to play in the fall of 2014.

“The thing is we’re moving because they need to work on the north side of the building,” Payler said. “Really, the building isn’t meant to be finished until the end of July this summer. It is functional, we’re moving kids in, and on the inside, it looks like a contemporary school but it’s also got that lovely foundation of the traditional that that building has always been.”

“It’s still a miracle to me how you can take 55-degree water and bring it up to 75 degrees and warm a building,” Payler said. “But it’s working, the boiler is on, and it’s a beautiful thing.”


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