City needs help to spruce up fitness trail

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By Steve Smith

FORT LUPTON — To paraphrase a saying from the Army, the city of Fort Lupton needs a few good volunteers to help with a trail project Aug. 3.
    The plan is to include 18 exercise stations along the Fort Lupton Fitness Trail, which is outside the recreation on South Harrison Avenue. Six of those stations are in place. Parks and Recreation Director Monty Schuman thinks that with enough help Aug. 3, the rest of the stations will be in place.
    The work begins at 7:30 a.m. and should last about four hours.
    “It’s an exercise route,” he said. “You start at the first station with some exercise and stretching. Then you run or jog 200 feet to the next one and continue on around to make the loop. There are placards to tell you what exercises to do. It’s about three-quarters of a mile.”
    Several businesses – Aqua Hut, Golden Aluminum, United Power, Aims Community College, A&W Water and Forlurado – contributed the lion’s share of the money for the project. Schuman pegged the amount at $13,500. The Fort Lupton Fitness Trail is free.
    “We’d like to get more trails around town,” Schuman said. “We’re limited with our funding. But it’s part of our long-term plan. We’re part of the trail plan that was done with Brighton and the tri towns. We’ve had to put some of the work on hold because of the economy. But we should be able to get some other things done now.”
    Call 303-857-4200 with questions.

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