City to get redesigned site

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New site scheduled to launch in February

By Ben Wiebesiek

FORT LUPTON — City residents will encounter a new website for their local municipal services in 2014.

Assistant City Administrator Aaron Herrera said the city contracted with CivicPlus, a firm based in Kansas to redesign Fort Lupton’s website.


“They’re a company that specializes in municipal and government websites,” Herrera said. “I believe they’ve done well over a thousand government websites, and actually, they’ve worked with a lot of our neighbors including Brighton, Frederick, Firestone, Erie — and they’ve done a good job.”

Herrera said the city was impressed with the websites CivicPlus created for local communities.

“I think they’re going to take us to the next level as far as websites go,” Herrera said.

The focus of the redesign will be on functionality and community engagement – two areas where Herrera said the city wants to see improvement with the website.

“We did form a committee here, and there was some negative feedback on the current site,” Herrera said. “Frankly, it doesn’t work well all the time, so we wanted something that was functional and also to help the city gain some efficiencies, meaning that folks can handle their business online through the website, as opposed to having to come in to city hall. They’re always welcome at city hall, but many times you want to pay your utility bill in the middle of the night and the new site should be able to help with that.”

The current site was developed by Fameuse Design, a Fort Lupton company founded by company President Jake Umberger. 

“Although it saddens us at Fameuse Design that such a beautiful design will be going away and that the City of Fort Lupton has chosen a non-local company for this redesign, we understand the need for the City to move forward in their endeavors to further their ability to serve the community,” Umberger responded by email. “Our only regret is that if there were issues with our most recent redesign, that we were never contacted for possible resolution. Still in the end, it is the Fort Lupton community that is of importance here and we look forward to seeing the new site and its new functionality.”

The current site has links to Facebook and Twitter, but Herrera said the city wanted to incorporate social media further with Fort Lupton’s main page.

“We will try to get a little bit more active to disseminate information to residents and businesses through social media with the new site,” Herrera said. “We have five or six Facebook pages right now, and the plan is to streamline it all in to one so that we can get people all on the same page, if you will.”

The redesign is budgeted at $25,000 and is scheduled to launch in mid-February of next year.

“I think it’s going to be a solid site: functional, efficient and easy on the eyes,” Herrera said.


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