Ancestral associations

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Sixth-generation descendant of Fort Lupton’s founding father connects with descendant of Buffalo Bill Cody



Gene Sears, with special
thanks to Jan Cody Brown

Taking a page from the past straight into the 21st century, a sixth-generation descendant of Fort Lupton’s founding father paid a visit last week, to learn some history of her forebears, and give a little back.
    A great, great, great granddaughter of Lancaster Lupton, Annita Lucchesi, came to visit the historic Fort last week, bringing history to life for the members. While studying for her doctorate in ethnic and women’s studies at Washington State University, she undertook extensive research into her family history, including the history of the fort. Making the pilgrimage extra special, Janice Cody Brown, a descendant of Buffalo Bill Cody and a historian and photographer for the SPVHS accompanied the tour.
    Lucchesi arrived as an unannounced but welcome surprise to the visitor’s center at the fort, setting off a bustle of activity and a call to John Everson. Seeking to record the visit, Everson called Brown, who dropped what she was doing and came up, camera and notepad in hand. Brown found herself with a kindred spirit, also equipped with a camera and questions.
    “She’s very knowledgeable and has a very good history background,” Brown said. “She was extremely interested and took a lot of pictures herself.”
    Following a tour of the historic fort, the SPVHS engaged in a conversational question and answer session with Lucchesi, giving both the society and the seeker a chance to compare notes.
    “It was especially interesting for someone like that to take the time to really delve into the history,” Brown said. “And that is probably the closest we have come to having a direct descendant of Lancaster Lupton.”
    Departing, Lucchesi found herself in the carriage of a society member, and while not horse drawn, it was a definite improvement over her arrival at the fort.=
    “She had taken a cab all the way up from Denver, bless her heart, because she didn’t know who to contact. John (Everson) told her to cancel the cab, and he drove her back down, which was really nice of him.”

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