199 homes planned for new neighborhood

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By Leo Wolfson

A developer plans to build as many as 199 new homes starting next spring on a 77-acre piece of land north of Weld County Road 12 and west of Weld County Road 29 1/2.


Fort Lupton city council members approved a development plan for the $70 million Mountain Sky subdivision on Monday, July 17. A newly created metropolitan district for the project is expected to generate about $8.7 million to pay for roads, water and electricity infrastructure on the land.

Council member Shannon Rhoda cast the only dissenting vote. She said she had concerns about the nature of a metropolitan district – a taxing district in which homeowners pay additional taxes for the infrastructure improvements.

“Metro districts require an extra on the people that live within that district, and if we’re to come and try to go to the citizens and ask for an addition to the rec center or something else that we need, chances are they’re going to vote no because that metro district is already paying way more than what others are,” Rhoda said.

Project manager Gene Osborne said he plans to start construction after a separate existing gas well on the north end of the property is capped. Osborne said he hopes to start building the homes next spring and complete the project within five years. Osborne is the chairman of Equinox Land Group Inc. development group in Centennial.

“We do know what we’re doing, and we’re excited and pleased to be a part of Fort Lupton,” Osborne said.

Mountain Sky is expected to be built in six phases over 10 years. Fort Lupton city statutes require construction projects to be finished within three years of when they’re started, but city council members gave Mountain Sky an approval that's good for 10 years.

City council members previously approved a Mountain Sky subdivision plan in 2015. It received preliminary approval after going to the city planning commission last September.